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  1. Sorry for the uber late reply, Pi-chan

    Happy (belated) New Year!! Hope you're having a splendid 2017, and that school is going smoothly for you! ^^
    I've been busy with Lunar New Year and work, but I'm doing well, thank you How about you, Pi-chan?

    Yes, I do! What about you?
  2. AWW thank you!
    how have you been doing nora-chan???

    btw do u like kpop?
  3. Oh no, there there Good luck with everything at school! You must be stressed and tired, but you can do it, Pi-chan!!

    Thank you, it was relaxing Merry belated Christmas! Hope you had a peaceful but super festive day spending it with the people you love <3
  4. aww thank you nora-chan!
    schools been hard with tests and guys and track......cry cry
    but hope u have been enjoying the holiday season!
  5. I'm really happy to hear from you too, Pi-chan! It's always nice to get a message from you
    Aww, don't feel pressured to get online if it's too hard. I'll always be here, as well as your other friends I'm sure, so relax and take your time if you need to ^^

    So sweet! No need to say thank you for being a friend. I'm happy to be your friend

    Thank you so much for the birthday wish!
  7. Nora-Chan
    i am so happy to hear from u, i tried so hard to be online but its hard.
    Thank you for being a friend.
  8. Is that you, Pi-chan??
    Wah, Pi-chan!! I missed you! And please don't apologise, you really don't need to
  9. hey nora-chan!
    i missed messaging!
  10. Haha, you weren't aggressive at all, so don't worry about it

    Pi-chan will always be my friend~ The friend who braved the weird/disturbing part of hentai xD
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