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  1. I know! I've been playing so much Fortnite lately, I can hardly invest any interest in anything else xD

    But i'll get it for sure. Still wanna play Mario Odyssey and the Zelda game too *_*

  2. Hmm, you should get on it. The next pokemon is going to be on it.
  3. SHiN~! I'm still alive, sorry for the late reply D:

    No, I don't have a switch (yet) Still planning to get one but didn't get to it xD
  4. unown-nii unown-nii, do you have a switch?
  5. Yeah I should probably go somewhere so I can get some interesting pokemon... I did find a Omanyte and evolved a Flareon I named Flarya Stark.
  6. Went to the beach yesterday and there was a massive lure party going on. Around 300 people gathered there xD
    Caught lots and lots of pokemon. Gained around 17500 XP just from catching pokemon!
  7. Neither do I...I do have a Jigglypuff though.
  8. I don't even have a Clefairy yet
  9. Yep a Clefable as well. He's kinda low cp though...
  10. Golem!? Everyone finds these awesome evolutions and I still find Pigeotto and Fearow ;-;
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