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  1. hmmmmmm..... fine.... everything fine i gues... i dont want to happy about it... but i have woman friends.,.. who like me... ahahha... i dont know its bad or..

    how about you.??? when gonna go vacation to japp.??
  2. Hiya~

    It's great ^^
    Doing nothing is relaxing after a really busy week
    And it's wonderful summer weather now too ^^
    Right now I'm making another Entry for the SOTM contest :3

    How about yours? :3
  3. hii.... hows your weekend dear..??
  4. /me pokes Second

  5. I like rain too..but..sometimes. Not every f*cking day >_>
    I want more sun D:

    I really like the figure but..don't know if I like it enough to buy it.
    I want a Mikan or Yami figure like that. I would buy it XD
    haha I see :3, my parents wouldn't care. As long as I buy it and like it :3
  6. I love RAinnnnnn........... Hahahaha..
    WOOOOOOOOOooooo., MOMOooooooooooooo............. its ya i have seen it before.. but i doubt i will buy it.. if i buy my Mom will Bla bla bla* ..
  7. I see..rain huh..We have a lot of rain here too.. -_-

    Something interesting?
    I sort of want to buy this one but..still not really sure..
  8. jyahahah.... red candlee...

    mmm... fine too.. little tired sometimee... @[email protected] and yesterday its heavy rain here.... i got soaked.. khukhu.. how about you..??? have found something interested lately.//???
  9. Yea I know! I melted like a candle <3

    I'm fine, I'm fine. Kinda busy with work but it'll be over in a week or so. (I hope! o.o)
    How about you? ^^
  10. ahahhhahha.... thats instant kill right..???? how do you do now..?? seems busyy Dr...
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