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  1. Now that you mention it.. the VN I'm REALLY looking forward to (should be patched+released this month somewhere) is KOI ga saku koro Saukra Doki.
    There's "KOI" in it too..
  2. it's true, is it not? lol

    that's the koirizo for you. just ok. same thing with koichoco. maybe it's the koi that's ruining all these VN's. stupid fish :/
  3. lmao, full of hate x3
    The VN is ok so far. Not the best but "Ok"~
  4. umi was my favorite character, which surprised me, because i never root for the main heroine. and she has dark hair, which usually means that she's full of hate
  5. Ima do Riho's route next when I finish Shiori's route. Saving Umi for last since it's probably the better one of the bunch.
  6. don't judge me, riho is sexy
  7. See? See!? =_=
  8. i didn't know what it was!!

    although i knew what 3p meant
  9. Strange though, VNDB clearly states that the VN is about 30-50 hours long >_>

    Brother no usotsuki! You obviously played the 3P thing too, how else would you know what it is =_=
  10. yeah the VN was pretty short :/ i finished a couple routes in just a few hours

    i think they wanted to avoid loli h-scenes. that's the only reason i can think of, since she's the only extra route.

    brother no hentai
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