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  1. maybe if da capo 3 ever gets translated

    i do use it as part of my google chrome theme though, so it's not a complete waste
  2. Haha I know. It's a shame that you never gotten around to use it for something seeing as it took quite a lot of effort and time to fix it x3
  3. is that so

    i'm cleaning some stuff out, so i didn't want that render to be lost, since it was a lot of work XD
  4. About that, you've sent me the image quite a while back already though x3
    I should still have it somewhere.
  5. i've decided something brother. a long time ago i was fixing that one image of anzu from da capo. do you remember? well, i haven't worked on it in a year, probably closer to 2 actually so i wanna give it to you to do something with. it just needs some finishing touches really. miles better than how it was to begin with.
  6. You said it brother
    I just hope future VNs take after Nekopara when it comes to the animated sprites <3
  7. of course you're hyped, we get to play a new VN!!! we don't have to wait forever for a translation and most important, nekomimi
  8. Ah, yea that seems to be the most logical course ^^
    I haven't been so hyped since KoiSaku x3
  9. i'm thinking they're gonna do 2 nekomimi's every volume, then have a final one with the sister. that's the way it seems anyway
  10. I KNOW It seems they'll be doing 2 nekomimi's every volume. So we can safely hope there will be more ^^
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