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  1. Hm..I see.. Well. its going to a difficult VN for me then. Will probably end up doing the 2 routes I mentioned only. Oh well, we'll see x3

    I get you. My waifu is a bit larger than usual but yea, exception for her <3
  2. well the routes drag on. they shouldn't be as long as they are. and it's not like i was getting bored because they were long routes, because they weren't too too just felt like they forced them to be longer than they should have been.

    and they're too big for my tastes too. i usually like b-c cups, and no bigger, but she's an exception.
  3. If you have to skip them it must pretty boring then. Guess I'll do Sena's route too and maybe another one if I like another character.

    Fair enough. I can't bring up the attention to play for more than 2 hours or something. I get distracted easily when on the comp so.. yea.. It makes me much slower with VNs. Oh and there's anime to watch too :3
    Noted. Maya and Sena's.

    She's cute alright but boobs too big for my taste
  4. well with noble works it was making me lose attention. some routes just didn't know when to end, so i got tired of it and just skipped some of the endings.

    and i do other things beside VN's, but when i start a VN i usually do just that VN for a couple of days, until i finish it. that's the kind of thing i do with everything lol

    i will let you know, the only 2 routes i saw completely were maya's and sena's. the other ones had parts i skipped. and there is a hidden bonus route, but it's just to get an H-scene honestly, there was 0 story with it.

    oh, and here you go. she's so sexy

  5. Oh I see, you can send that one over too then x3

    YOU WHAT!? Damn it bro, y u so fast D: No but seriously, are you that fast of a reader just don't do anything else besides VNs in your spare time? Just curious :3
    I don't play that many Vns and when I do, I slowly plow through. I can't keep my attention for too long if it's not entertaining enough. I mean, I still haven't finished KoiRizo, which is so much shorter than Noble Works >_>
    Nah, I don't think I'll do just 1 route. At least 2 I think~
  6. well i have an image without the guy standing there.

    i beat it already =P

    it wasn't that great honestly. the only route i really liked was sena's, and i'm pretty sure that's just because i really liked the character. it would have been a lot better if the routes were shorter. each route tried to have around 3 climactic points, when a good story has just 1 usually. if you play it, you can just do sena's route.
  7. Oh well, nothing I can change about that then x3

    Hmm.. I actually prefer the latter. There's nothing in the way of her. The other one has that little pervert standing in front of her legs.
    I can safely assume you already started playing Noble Works. How's the VN? I'll play it after I finish Koisuru natsu :3
  8. because i was born that way?

    i'm torn between 2 images for the siggy.

    it's either this one, or this one. the former is probably easier
  9. Bro, y u so lazy..
    I can add you to my queue, sure :3
  10. i want you to make me a set brother, i'm too lazy
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