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  1. dragonball xenoverse
  2. Blue saiyan. I approve :3
    What game is it anyway? :0
  3. rude

    also, do you like my saiyan?

  4. Glad I stole them since you were going to sell them anyway!
    /me hops away with presents
  5. you can't judge me when you just stole someone else's presents
  6. You'd sell your b-day presents?
  7. no!! my stuff!!!! i was gonna make good money off of that
  8. BRO /me tackleshugs


    /me steals all presents
  9. i've been trying to stick with 10-30 hour vn's rather than 50+ hour vn's. even 30-50 hour ones are iffy
  10. Yea, agreed ^^
    After G-Senjou I'm going to play the Elina's Route from Dracu Riot. I wanted to play the whole VN but I'm mostly interested in her route. There's a patch for that at least~

    Last VN I did was Rewrite. The last Key VN I'll ever do I think. Much too long >_>
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