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    hello, which anime/Hgame is your avatar? mm..btw nice to meet you.
  2. Were you always active before? Because I only met you this year,don't know about the past so

    But well,life indeed gets busy sometimes

    I hope you're all okay both family & friends and of course yourself~

    I know right? she's soooooooooooooo.. (probably after bishounens I only fangirl to her xD)

    I still couldn't go but I want to see!! maybe this weekend

    awwwww yum! *noms the first piece then melts the others and serves both of us a hot choco*

    and did something happened yesterday?,I'm thinking you know?
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    Playing Oriemo VN on my laptop now, didn't like playing it on my phone, so restarting it again on my computer this time.

    Started Katawa Shoujo as well, enjoying it so far. Grabbed my attention early. So far I like Lily (the blind girl) best so far

    Tried Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, but putting that one aside for now. I'm the type of person that has to be drawn into a movie/show/anime/VN very quickly or I will lose interested and drop it. Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate didn't really grab my attention, so I will get back to it later. Who knows, maybe it ends up being an amazing VN if I stick with it.
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    Hey unown, so sorry for the late reply. I'm good now, thanks.

    We could refer to the ✔ thingy as a checkmark. I don't think there's a surefire way or a built-in feature to deselect all multi-quoted posts at once, but at least one of the following workarounds should work:
    • Click on the Go Advanced button while the Quick Reply box is still empty.
    • Click the Reply button (which should move the Quick Reply box below the specific post you're trying to reply to) without going to the advanced reply mode.
    • Try replying in advanced mode to a thread that you haven't multi-quoted at all. A message may appear telling you that you've quoted posts that aren't part of that thread, offering you to either quote those posts as well or deselect them. Choosing the latter may clear the multi-quoted posts.
    • Try multi-quoting posts again, but don't do it to the last post you want to multi-quote. Use the Reply With Quote button instead―this should finish the multi-quoting sequence and hopefully clear your selection after you're done posting.
    • Clear your cookies.
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    Nice. Funny because I saw that same figure on NekoMagic, was gonna tell you about it but I forgot lol. I might pre-order it.
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    I like this one! Where is she from?

    Yeah, most Miku figures look pretty good. Not a big fan of her though.

    Just finished Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru 1&2, worth a read imo. Pretty funny, had me laughing. The whole thing is just ridiculous lol

      Spoiler: Kazuki is fucking hot. Love her as a idol too lol.  

      Spoiler: Transformation 

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    Think she is worth $100?

    P.S. downloaded The Fruit of Grisaia 2 Japanese version, gonna use it to try to practice with my Japanese study guides, and compare it to the translated version when it releases. Anyway, Yuuji, and Kazuji have a incest sex scene in the game which was a bit unexpected for me.
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    Yeah it's worth a play thru, and they are pretty short as well. Only a few hours each. You will get a few laughs out of it at least, just don't expect a serious story lol.
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    Been Playing Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru it's pretty crazy/hilarious lol.

    Short summary so:

    Michiru is a wannabe idol that sings at Asako's (Yuuji's masters) bar called 9029. She only has one fan that sees her shows though. Sachi also works at Asako's bar helping with the cleaning and all. One day kittymeow turns Michiru into a magical girl to seal monsters what were set loose from the magic world. If she succeeds she gets a wish, but Kazuki is also a magical girl, she also wants to get a wish to save Yuuji (Yuuji is a 10 year old boy, sick in the hospital in the VN. He got a deadly illness from eating too much bread lol. Nothing really makes sense in this VN )

    Yumiko is another idol working under the same idol talent company as Michiru, which is run by the tryant Makina lol. Makina makes fans throws ice cream at Yumiko for extra money, pretty funny seeing it lol. JB runs the idol company that Kazuki is attached to.

    Chizuru is a news reporter always trying to uncover the magical girls identity. And Amane helps mantain a spa, but just asked Asako to work at her bar as well.

    I thought the characters would still be the same, but this Vn just turns every character upside down lol, it's pretty funny seeing everyone act out of character. Oh, and I can definitely see how Yuuji takes after Asako lol.
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