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  1. [HorribleSubs] Haiyore! Nyaruko-san
    Filefactory link for Ep6 is down corocoro D:
  2. Probably after I fixed/replaced my second screen. A couple days in other words.
  3. YEY
    480p is fine
    thanks a bunch man i love this site ^^
    just a question but
    when do you think it'll be up?
    Though you are in luck - a Hetali dual audio release is in my queue of stuff to install when I get around to it.
    480p though because there's no 720p available.
  5. Hi there
    i just have one question
    Where do i request animes?
    i did try the request anime thread thing but it keeps saying that i cant make a new thread ;__;

    also i would like to request for
    Hetalia Axis Powers 720p Eng Dub
    i tried looking for it in your Anime index but i cant seem to find it
    Thank you and Have a good day ^^
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