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    Nope, not the Rocky Mountains, that's a bit more to the East. Over here, it'd be the Sierra's. (Sierra Nevada)

    It's a shame that period when the leaves change to red and fall is so brief, but I guess that's why it's so special. I can see growing accustomed to a place like that, where it's usually colder, but it's pretty tough when the weather/temperatures shift with every Season.

    Oh yes, not many, but they're there! The Mojave Desert would be the most well known, but there are others. I haven't been to too many other States (I've been to Mexico), but I can tell you that California is still, by far, the nicest place I've been. I'm a bit biased, though, lol.
    Mountains are something to behold, for sure. I wish I lived closer to the ocean or maybe even a lake, but I can't complain, if you're living 4 hours from the Rocky's, which is pretty damn far from a beach!
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    lol! Let's just say the trip involved mountains, eh? I think I left my tin-foil hat up there, actually... O_O

    That pastebin is a gold mine! Though, it can be a bit troublesome not knowing what the mod actually looks like (or if it's any good) if the modder doesn't include preview pics.

    For me, my favorite season is a very close battle between Summer and the first couple months of Fall. (Up to Halloween... after that, it gets dicey!) Yeah, I hear that about Canada, I don't know how you deal with it, I'd be miserable!
    Ahh, well, that's a bit of a misconception of Cali that I often have to correct people about. What makes this state so great is it's got a little bit of everything: Beaches, Valleys, Mountains/Forests, even some Deserts! (Don't know why I used caps for those...)
    I'm a resident of Northern California, so I get in on the rivalry that is NorCal (San Francisco, etc.) vs. SoCal (Los Angeles, etc.). Damn SoCal (LA's overrated, btw) hogs all the glory and makes everyone think we live by beaches and whatnot... 'tis a lie, lol!

    Oops, forgot to mention my main point of all that! Needless to say, where I live, the seasons are very much at play with the weather; Summer's hot; Fall's red, gold and amazing; Spring's a relief from Winter (but in an annoying, confused sort of way); and Winter...
    Winter is cold and depressing. : / The only good thing I like about Winter is the rain. It doesn't really snow, where I live, though.
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    Thanks, great to be back! As for my destination, sorry, if this was a PM I'd let ya know, but I'm overly paranoid! lol

    Ooh, very nice! I'm a big fan of the tight sweater, so I appreciate the first pic... plus, IMO, there's no sexier position for a girl to be in than cowgirl, so that's a big win for the second one! Thanks for the early access, appreciate it!

    My activity seems to come and go in spurts, too, so don't feel left out in all that. If you noticed, quite a few of us haven't been terribly productive, which is strange, as I figured Summer would be the most inspiring season? (Well, that is, if you're living in an area where it's Summer.)
    Vacations can be good for refreshing the mind; though, I think inspiration comes to all of us in different ways, so it's really hard to say what can help you in that regard.
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    The bones names goes like spinexx, bonexx, partxx and internalxx. The two x:es symbolizes two to three digits and they tend to change depending on the overall creatures. So the feet will most likely
    have different digits compared to Monster 7. So it's an entirely new setup that has to be written every time.

    Nah, don't force it. I never do, chill and go with the flow. I do tend to have ideas, but not the will these days. So when I feel that I don't want to sit and pose and such I just save the scene and quit 'til I got the will to pick it up again.
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    Now that's a sweet shot that you got there. What costume is that that she's wearing? I don't seem to recognize it... then again, I haven't really gotten around to check out possible modded costumes yet.
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    Nah, there's no point for users to test a creature that's has its mesh deformed. It's quite easy to see what bones that can be removed.
    Each part that is added to a creature has a single bone or more, if it is things like back plates or w/e then those bones can be
    removed, but I'd still have to merge the meshes or there would be floating parts.

    I like the second the most, I wish the 3rd stage and the second one was merged together and that there were more build options.
    Well, you can use the console anywhere in the game, but to export a creature you'd indeed have to be in the creature editor.
    I believe the creature editor in the main menu has all parts unlocked, not sure though, else they'd be unlocked as you reach the space age.
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    Nah, I wouldn't do that without leaving a notice first. Just had my hands full.

    I'm not sure on the exact amount, but it does mean that I do have a bit of work to do on some creatures, somewhere between 180-210. Like fuse parts together and remove bones that aren't needed.
    Well, the neighbors bathroom floor was wet, and we kinda know where the pipes goes and where most connections sits. So there 2 walls or the underneath the bathroom floor to check.

    I wish that Spore was more fluent between the stages, and also that it wasn't so limited in some of the stages, else than that it's a rather nice experience. Not a lot of games like it.
    I hope you fetched some DLC with it too, during Space Adventures it's pretty much the only time you get out of the space ship.
    And since you got it now: If you ever create a creature that you want to port to HS just do this: 1.) Shift+ctrl+c, 2.) type 'colladaexport' 3.) send me the files.
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    Yo Sin, sorry for the delays on the pack. SB3UG is truly a butt sometimes. I noted that it goes sour when a certain amount of bones are met. The mesh pretty much gets deformed.
    Been the case for a few of the creatures that I wanted to implement, so I've been working on that. Been a bit of mess at my work as well, someone thought it to be a good idea to
    overbook us, been a week with a lot of overtime... and blessed with a new water leak. I think it's the second one this summer.

    So you have been on a wedding, huh? Most of the people I know of has gotten married and got kids these days. I myself is still on the girlfriend stage.
    Kinda gets you feeling left outside, and got me to stop using FB again. Baby post 24/7 is way too annoying to me.
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    Oi Sin, I call this one today's catch! Oh and I found a lil friend of yours as well.
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    The Onimorph might come back in a upgraded version yes. Not sure of when.

    I'd say that 4 arms and a "living" beard is very convenient!
    And if you get that excited by a tiny, tiny, tiny teaser, then you should be glad that I didn't give you a big teaser lol!

    You and tmv seem to love doing that, and I seem to caught a bit of that from you two cause I have begun to write on my own page sometimes now as well!
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