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    The Sci-Fi pack mainly contain stuff from Fallout 4. The Institute is a very science driven faction, so it were a good place to go look for stuff.
    The Reclamation Chair (the one with needles) is intended for synthetic robots when performing memory swipes on them if I recall right.
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    Nah-uh, but it's part of the sci-fi pack that I've slowly been putting together.

    Most of the items, beside the shower, needs some polishing, but I may release a small pack during the weekend.
    I got some other test tubes/chambers in progress that might suit the theme for your comic.
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    Well, I did so much fantasy back in SBPR that I grew a bit tired of it. I'll say that you should
    go for the Sci-Fi one. I might even have some stuff in progress that you may find useful.
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    I've had it suggested to get one, but I haven't got a donation site.
    I have been thinking on it ofc, but in case of Patreon I couldn't figure out
    any good rewards, so I laid the idea aside, lol.

    Maybe I'll put one up someday, don't know when though.
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    Well, the mod isn't a full release. It's still more or less in a beta state. I think I mentioned that over at the blog.
    I'll probably update Honey Horror a few more times 'til the release of the new studio, and then take things
    from there. I'll not add too much just in case. Although, I don't think that things will stop working.
    Illusion may add some new studio items and such, along with costumes, I kinda bet on that at most there will be ID's that needs to be changed.
    I believe that the HiR list begins at the ID of 1000, I doubt that Illusion will add more than 1000 studio objects, or even near it.
    I doubt they'll change how their lists works as well. So we might end up alright, but you never know, it's Illusion after all.

    There's still a lot of other things I want to add, but just looking at that list and it all feels like I'm taking on a second job
    without getting paid just due to all the work that needs to be put into it all. I don't really know what to do
    about that really. Perhaps I'll just add things that I need for my shots and then upload them as misc packs.

    I guess we'll see what I go for, haven't really decided for anything yet.
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    I see that you have kept yourself busy shooting with your new toys. And yes, it was indeed quite expected since I do know
    about your great passion for tentacles.
    Gosh, I didn't know that there were a pregnancy mod out... or did you do that with any of the slider/bone mods?
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    I guarantee you're going to feel silly about this, but it's been the same method since SBPR. See the Top-Left corner where it says BG, a number cycle box, and Show? Check on Show and cycle through the numbers. If you're using the right version of the Studio, you should be able to cycle through all the pics in your UserData\backgrounds folder. If nothing shows up, you've got the newest version of plasticmind's Performance mod, and it won't work unless you apply a fix he made some time ago on the HF thread.

    Yup, curvy bodies, all the way! I don't usually like to make them overly skinny, either, but there are certainly exceptions.

    As much as I love your work (especially Amira), I can't get into the whole Orc/Pig-Man thing. The increasing craze for fantasy related hentai has been almost exclusively gang rape, elves, and orcs/monsters. Put all those together, and you see why I don't really get into it. Vanilla fantasy is extraordinarily rare.
    Oh... I think I need to clarify the exceptions I have for monsters, again. I like Snake Peril, Lamia girls (remember mine from SBPR?), tentacles/tentacle monsters (though not something I'm totally crazy over), Slimes/Slime-Girls... But I'm not crazy about Orcs, by any means, lol. Kind of a hater, I guess? I especially draw the line with Furries... Now we're getting into Monster girl territory, though, lol, so I won't complicate things.

    Yup! Thinking of doing someone else, too, since my first victim isn't going to be one of my more used girls. Oh, I don't think that's weird, at all. I've got some girls that I won't do that with, either, so that's fine. Yeah, Amira is probably your most raped/violated girl, heh heh.

    Thanks, sounds good! : )
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    If you installed the MF + EMF Patch, then you most likely also installed the Performance mod along with it. I've been doing all this manually since the beginning, though, so I never really needed to use that.

    I appreciate that, but your girls stand out, so I wouldn't feel bad about that at all. I go through that, too... "Eh... Does she look too much like so-and-so?" At the same time, though, you may have less girls, but you have a better variation of body type compared to me. My main thing is the old, ideal rule of beauty; the hourglass figure. So, if you noticed that I don't have too many girls with flat butts/chests and/or are skinny, that's intended, lol.

    Hmm... no one has ever asked me that, really, so it's not something I've thought about. Off the top of my head, I'd say:

    - No monster sex (tentacles and slime are fine, though!)
    - No gang-rape (unless it's by women, lol!)
    - Nothing grotesque, like urine/scat; not that I'd expect you to do either of those with them, anyway.
    - The key thing is that these aren't rules I'd just impose on you, but myself, as well. I've said it a million times, but my tastes are pretty vanilla being a hopeless romantic. Dealing with rape, on the other hand, I'm on the fence with. I treat my girls with a lot of respect, because almost all of them are self-reliant and strong. I know, it's a big thing to see the strong fall from grace, but it's not something I completely endorse with my own girls. So... I guess it really depends on the girl? There's actually one I'm using now who WILL be raped in a comic, sometime soon, heh heh...

    I figured as much, good good. Nah, I don't think there's anyone... except maybe... Ahh... that pink haired girl, your new goth girl, Raven, and... Agh, I can't remember her name. Was it Mizuki? She's your avatar. : P
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    LOL!!! Oh man, I can't tell you how many times I've done that chatting with Syncroz! Too many, too many.

    They can be, yes, but only if you're either using the 12/22_DLC version of the HS Performance Mod, or edit the current version in a method plasticmind suggested that I don't remember... I got too frustrated with the removal of features, so I just gave up and stuck with the 12/22_DLC version. That's how I've been able to use backgrounds in the Studio.

    I'm pretty sure that shot with Faeyline took hours. I don't keep track of time, but I know it was quite time-consuming. I have this thing where I can think of ideas while not working, but when I jump on the Studio, my mind goes totally blank, lol.

    Oh, I know it's all just for fun and sharing, but when I see a lot of the same people putting up so many pics, I kinda feel obligated to contribute. It's even tougher when I'm battling Syncroz or helping BT with our own venture, since multi-tasking is a weakness of mine; I get overwhelmed.

    I guess that's the difference between you and me. I can spend hours working on and patiently creating new girls. I can't say I'm new to Studio work, anymore, but I can say that creating girls is something I've had fun doing since The Sims. PlayClub was my first experience with posing, and I honestly feel like I'm still learning.

    Thanks for all the kind words and support, I do appreciate the hell out of it! I can get really down on myself, at times.

    Btw, I wouldn't mind if you ever wanted to use my girls for shots, seeing as how I've got way too many to deal with, lol. I get the feeling that most of the Studio people aren't totally comfortable sharing their girls, and I totally understand that. But, since that's all I ever really used to do, I'm accustomed to still sharing them. On the other hand, there are certain things I wouldn't be comfortable seeing some of my girls doing, so it's tricky stuff.
    On that note, I think I have all the girls you've shared?
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    Oh, hey! Yeah, those were both kinda spur of the moment shots, with the first just being me wanting to do something with that map and Faeyline and the Koko shot more of a thanks to Snooley for the additional hair. Happy you like the Faeyline shot! It took me awhile (especially considering how long I take in the Studio, anyway) so I was pretty proud with how it turned out. Yup, same map from Snooley, lol.

    The sky for the Faeyline pic was actually just a background image that looked perfect for what I was going for, while the Koko shot was naturally one of the Skydomes.

    No doubt, I do plan on sharing them with everyone on the pic threads here & on HF, but I thought I should probably compile some more pics. I always feel like I should be contributing more, you know? I get frustrated with myself for having such a slow, small output compared to everyone else.
    That's why I admire those like you and others who can stick with one girl and shoot a bunch of gravure/pinup shots.
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