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    I haven't tried porting from Daz3D, but I've been looking at a few Daz3D models thinking about it. The $$$ did stop me though.
    If you can convert/export a model from Daz3D's format into i.e .obj, .3ds or .fbx format, then the rest is pretty much child play.
    It may be most time consuming to adjust the different values in the material, but if you need to make some edits to the mesh itself, then
    that can take a bit of time as well.

    I assume that you have seen some Daz3D models that you liked?
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    Nah, wasn't much trouble really. I were editing another item and then it just struck me that all I had to do was to
    change a material value to -1.

    Man, I just realized that I haven't been checking your blog out for a while. I'll give it a good read when you get the new stuff up!
    Personally I'm trying to get my NEO studio to look like my HS in its overall look, although, it has been kinda hard.
    I'm almost doubting that I'll manage to get the same look.
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    Remember that request you made in regard of tentacles vs focus?
    I just figured that part out so I'll be configuring the new and old stuff to suit your request.
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    I solved the 4k, but it took me about 8-9 attempts doing so. Something went bad in my 32x and 64x folders over and over. If it wasn't the 4k refusing to work, it were a loopy-loop on start-up of NEO.
    I can't really say if it is BA's fault or not, but things went sour after I installed it. I'm guessing on that it's relatively safe to install.
    So yeah, 4k should work for HS and NEO, but not yet for BA.

    No new H animations from what I could see, but quite a few new battle animations for various kind of weapons and without (punches and kicks), along with "dying" animations.
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    You get a bunch of new animations, supposed to get some new costume parts, although I haven't checked those out yet, I saw that there may be at least one new map and some new
    studio objects. Although, if you ain't me, you may need to install the pre-battle arena patch to take use of the new animations.
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    I asked over at the 4k diffuse thread, although, no one else has so far said anything about it.
    I kinda expected something to happen, but I'm guessing on that the 4k diffuse pack might need an update.

    Regardless, the battle arena is pretty cool in the sense that you can IK/FK pose your characters
    for their battle card. Haven't toyed too much with it. Were trying to get my 4k diffuse pack to work for NEO again, gave up after sum hours
    and then we did play Stellaris for a while.
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    Oi, sin, have you installed the pre-battle arena patch yet?
    Did you have any issues with the 4k diffuse pack in NEO after that if you did install it?
    Like 4k makeup and such not showing up or being all weird?
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    You'll find it in the same tab, at the bottom, where you have ground/water bases and other environment items.
    Or, I think that it were in that tab though.

    Ah, the ol' "I'm lazy excuse", lol. Most of your messages probably took longer time to write down.
    Although, the Japanese mods are a valid reason.
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    Most of my long term friends are since long gone. Not that they died or so, we just moved apart and lost contact.
    Where I live now I just know my girlfriend. Sometimes it almost feels like the others just vanished from the face of the earth.
    I have had a few relatives that passed over the years, so I can relate to how it must feel for you now.

    If I don't use BG's in lack of scenes, I use BG's for skylines and such when a map doesn't have one, or lacks a suiting one.
    So it really sits bad with me that Neo doesn't support it. I guess I'll have to make a few copies of the sky that NEO has as a item.

    It's rather easy to create your own categories, I can tell you how and I promise that it isn't complicated.
    Sorting things into the new categories is just about changing a two digit number.
    I was planning to give Honey Horror and Cyberion their own categories, had some issues
    with setting up an unique list file to remove the need for HiR though. Simply cause it seem
    as if it can't quite handle an update to the item list where items has been rearranged as it seem.
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    I saw some of that. A friend's family member had passed, or something along that line?
    Sad news dude, and I hope you and the others are getting through it alright.

    How do I feel about Neo... well, I'm used to everything now, that part went smooth, but I think the IK controls could have been a bit different.
    Now it feels like one is doing precision posing from the git-go. It's not that bad, but it takes a bit longer to get limbs and
    such where you want them. Also that you can't lock a part in place after you have placed it is a bit bleh. Dealing with fingers feels messy
    with all those with circles around. You could for instance do that in PPD/PRO.
    I hate the fact that there isn't a BG function, but I guess I can live with it. It isn't
    the first poser being without it.

    I like what they have done to the Items ID's and that it's very easy to add your own categories now.
    The way one can deal with light and shade is also good, although haven't been playing around with it too much.
    But yeah, it is for sure one of the better posers to date.

    Thanks for the pic, always fun to see one shooting with my work.
    I'll imagine that it all will end in a sloppy mess once that tentacle monster is all done!
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