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  1. I can only hope I get to finish the VN at some point in the future. I do hope to lean Japanese, however I am sure it will take ages. I do know a few phrases I picked up. Maybe I will put more effort into it.
  2. Well I can understand a bit of japanese, but still not enough for me to play throughout the game. the VN received an Cease order so continuation of the said fan translation is dead T_T. so you'll only get Kazuha's route.
  3. Hey there. Been a while. Doing well I hope?

    I have a question for ya. Thanks to your forum siggy I just started playing Yosuga no Sora. (the VN) I have been looking for an hour now and have only found one English patch. Its the one for Kazuha's route. Is that all there is so far? I was hoping since you are a fan of Sora you might be able to help. Or maybe you know Japanese?
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