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  1. Thank you very much.
  2. Original Title:いたずら狂悪
  3. Original Title:エロ医 (Original ver)
  4. Original Title:いたずら狂悪
    Released Date:2015/01/30
    Getchu Link:
    Main Site:
  5. Thanks for re-uploading the 3D Version, but the original one I really wanted.

    Sorry for late reply, busy finding a job.
  6. Oh, I'm asking my friend for help.
  7. Ah no, the Original one that I wanted.

    I guess there's no hope, anyway thanks for re-uploading "Chikan Wa Hanzai".
  8. I just have 3D version, do you need it?
  9. Trailer:

    Original Title:エロ医
    Released Date:2006/03/17
    Getchu Link:
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