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    I see. Well, thank you for not causing trouble. You're welcome back at any time, but I understand if you want to stay away. Best wishes, friend.
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    Hey, just wondering where you went off to and if you're alright! If you want to take a break for a while that's perfectly fine, I just hope your real life is okay and nothing bad has happened to you
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    Well, I'm already here to give unsolicited advice should you need it.
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    I can understand where you're coming from.
    Well, a deleted account can't be restored, but one left alone makes it easier to come back. Just something to consider. ^^

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    Hi, Ram-0-Ram. ^^

    I'm sorry to see you asking this, but you do what you gotta do. To answer your question: Your posts will stay, but they'll appear to have been made by a guest.

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    Yo Ram.
    It's actually a rather easy task (but can be tedious if your mesh has 100+ bones), it's pretty much just a lot of typing and not so much to take screenshots of.
    The importing part is pretty much the same as always, with the exception of that you don't convert the mesh into a MeshRender in SB3UG.

    1a.You'll need to know what the bones are called, if you have successfully imported a mesh with bones, you'll find the bone names under SkinnedMeshRender.
    Any mesh that has bones connected to it should remain as SkinnedMeshRender

    1b. You can located the bones placement in the mesh just by clicking on them if you feel unsure:

    2. You'll find the ItemBoneList in the 07.unity3d file (abdata/studioneo/info), open it in SB3UGS and copy&paste ItemBoneList_15_07 into Notepad or something alike.
    3. Add any bone that you wish to enable IK controls for into the list:
    4. The first digits that you see in the example above is the ID to the item that you want to enable the IK control for, so the ID should be the same both in the ItemBoneList as in the ItemList:
    <5558><15><Monster 04><><studioneo/sit_mon_01.unity3d><p_neo_hhik_04><><False><False><><False><><True>
    OBS! Do note that IK controls will not be enabled if there are any typos. You don't have to include all bones either, just those that you wish to turn into IK points.

    There isn't much else than what's above to get the IK function working for a item. Feel free send me a msg if you run into any trouble.
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    Neither do I understand that article, it is full of terms for which you would need to have studied Bio-chemistry and additionally be specialized for autoimmune diseases and medicals for such diseases. And of course, a journey isn't something which you can undertake immediately. But it is great to hear that your family might be able to establish first contact. And if this research group is really a possibilty and you are in a condition for such a transport, it would be great.

    And for the time being, "Halt die Ohren steif!" as we Germans would say.
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    I told my life-mate about this, and she remembered a report about a group in Germany who are doing research on autoimmune diseases with success. People of two universities and institutes from Halle and Magdeburg. I made them out:
    Here is a rough translation of the last sentence:
    Mit der kombinierten Hemmung beider Peptidasen ist ein neuartiger Ansatz zur Therapie immunologisch bedingter Erkrankungen gegeben.
    With the combined obstruction of both Peptidasen there is a new approach for therapy of immunologic implied diseases possible.

    Try to contact Prof. Dr. Frank Bordusa and consider a journey to Germany.
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    That's hard and there is no arguing then, health goes first. Still you shall have my best congratulations!

    What's the next step? Are you waiting for a second attempt and another transplantation?
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    Sorry, forgot I can actually have conversations in the visitor mssg section. Thanks for the gift! It looks pretty interesting
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