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    Just this: Evangelion 3.33 [RAW] is out. check when the Blu-ray came out, add one or two months and you'll have an aproximatte release date for SuGame. (i know I suck at abreviattions).
    Well, that usual, since In every career Math tends to be the problem. Even in the math related careers. The difference here is just wich one is more troublesome.
    Zombie related stuffs, Black Ops 2 for xbox 360? The most recent game of console I have played so far (the weekend and just in the night-morning. I told you I did get dawnguard and dragonborn for ps3 right? Well, even before that, I haven't played ps3 in all this time. Since january probably. Blame the LNs and most recently Elsword.
    I as well, save the anime I really liked, I don't have the list here (eating out) but among those 120GB from the 1TB HDD there is gurren lagann, omamori himari, sora no otoshimono, and many more ecchis of the not so old school. Welcome to the NHK nd Spice and Wolf are there as well...this bring me nostalgic memories and the possibility of watching them again if I got the time. Wich means, less probablity to play Skyrim's DLC.
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    I have two good reasons as to not download the 1080p versions of anime/series: I can't wait too much to view the episode (I have little patience when it comes to something I'm really looking forward), I don't have enough space everywhere to store them if I don't view them right away (since I use to delete the episodes I have watched) and my connection sucks, in the bad way. Ok, make it three.
    Oh, if it was released in February, wait around 6 months to get the blu ray here. I don't really know why it takes so long, but uploaders have their share of problems, maybe?
    Yeah, that's common in every places, the teacher is only making a review of some other examples that we have seen beforehand, so there is no new knwoledge there. Still, he may give some hints to the exams so is better go...sometimes, if you are sure you'll pass, go take a nap and return when you need it.
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    40GB?! What was that, Aion or what?! Well yeah, a double side Blu-ray Disc goes can host till 50GB so Igues it's to be expected the 40GB of the whole download that...I put my old lap once through something likethatwhen beginning the eroge path. Once. 1 month of continous downloading without stop...I still regret it a little and a even more because almost all of those VNs were sent down the stalled pile.
    Two people? Isn't it normal? (When you are in a half-salon with 10 people taking the professor in account, you get used to it. We call those salons "the nest") You could have enjoyed so many more relaxin time, I know those's like going to the toilet withouth bringing a cellphone or something to waste time while taking a s*it, because everytime you do that, there is a level in angry birds that could have been cleared.
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    lol 16.97GB! I'm struggling to get at least 12GB in my mac...I was interested but let's say it's too won't fit (insert nukige of preference).
    I did some experiments on sleep while on vacations like shifting my awake time completely to night...but my family didn't like it so I stopped before getting some results (because they say I was like a zombie in the day...and a vampire in the night! Or owl if you prefer).
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    Indeed, the semester is coming to an end quite soon (here as well, not so fast since there is still quite some weeks but considering the classes only I think there is a month and half left at best/worst) and to be sincere my VN time has been sucking out by Elsword for now, so I'm in some predilection like you, but don't worry, taking in account this month is Eushully's new game, I'll disappear for at least two weeks at best.
    22 to 6am of sleeping? A real man only needs the amount like Hayate from Hayate the Combat Butler, and that's 1hr of sleep per day!!! I don't really know how does he do that...I tried once but my best is three hours only, more than that I can't wake up. I'll die young, I know.
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    Sorry, I was in a state of "give me the game, give me the game" that I even forget the "edit" button...but it's practically like those moblie-games you play for a while and then stop because you need "food" or "gasoline" or something like that to continue playing, in this case I think it was tofu? I have no idea.
    Did you already played Tenshinranman???? That one goes first than Dracu-Riot! (Wich I think I still lack one and half route...) Even if it's with the translator and you have a week to study for the worst english's exam of the, you should play it. That's a good game. Yeah.
    By the way, did you tried "Scarlet Blade" from the MMO bunch? I heard it was a good game and have quite the oppais...ok, I only heard the oppai part, but still, you get the point. I'm currently mastering Elsword because there is was a cute android I liked there and the battle style is arcade type so is quite easy and I'm already lvl 32 in less than a week...I swear, if there are cute androids, I'll play that MMO!!!
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    OK, I have no idea what did I do but I got an account in Mobage and started playing the a browser type game? I thought it was an that's why I didn't found it. Still...I have no idea what am I doing in such game, such touching the screen here and there and level up and you got a card(?) and things like yeah, UnohananoSakuyahime.
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    Postpone everything (if you're not doing anything important...) and help me get this game for the iPhone! ゆず・ぱら I already have a Japan account (don't ask) but I can't seem to find it...How do I download this?! I don't see any link to the itunes store...damn my low understanding of kanjis...
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    No no, in the contrary, in Mexico everyone knows at least Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Digimon, Captain Tsubasa and Saint Seiya. Well, in here, people still sell the fansub spanish version of some shounen even though it's illegal, but they don't seem to care about the part the subs saying it's from fans and for fans...but that's Mexico.
    However, I'm one of those special cases, but don't worry, I did watch all of the above anime mentioned (some not complete but I couldn't ask more of public television) still, I think I told in one comment of the...32 pages?! Really?! Wow, we really have been talking for quite some time already...but that's off topic, I said about how I come to like RPG only about some 2 to 3 years ago, before I usually find them pretty boring, the leveling up and the farming and all of that (I know, I have a bad view of them and I know there is exceptions but let me continue...) and being the lazy a*s person I am, I usually stayed away from them. But in the beginning I was never really into Pokemon or Digimon (if I remember right...) so even now, I have little curiosity towards their games (it's still latent...).
    But since I have two friends how are vicious to that in every sense, I may end up playing them some of this day so worry not that I will one day complete a pokedex!
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    It feels good to be back completely new...Guess who melted a mac charger, for his second time?! My saving to get a beautiful katana were all gone in just one trip...I remembered that, you can save money, but there will always be those little "accidents" when you have to spend the most of it. So my current state is broke. Like an ice statue that someone throw out of the roof from a twenty store building. Probably like that. And melting as well in the hotness of spring. Well, f*ck you too Global Warming.
    Jehejehejhe, little detail, I watched it when it was airing, and read till Volume 7 in the LN. The heart of a maiden in love!!!! I think that's what I read the most. And you already know my thoughts on To Aru Majutsu. The only one I never watched was Kagaku, but that's because I'm a sexist who can't stand all-female cast. And there is little to none "Imagine Breaker".
    2TB...For the love of God (yeah, song reference), I think I should have changed my initial thought of a sword to a HDD like you, and so I won't be struggling with 10GB or less in my main laptop...but something melted and something need to be bought, so that's how I got here.
    Would you believe me if I told you I didn't have a childhood? Or maybe just the thing "core" of what it means to be a "gamer"!!! But yeah, I never played a Pokemon game or a Zelda's one, didn't see any endings outside Digimon 1, and didn't even know what the definition of a RPG was...thinking back, how did I survive?
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