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    Where are you????? How have you been?
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    Soooooooo busy with your sister! Right?

    Would you cry if I bullied you? 'Cause if not, I'll just have to bully more!
    Girls mature faster? I dunno. Do you have some concrete, tangible, physical proof to support that? /flees
    I'm sure it was all those nasties on this site that made you interested, riiiiight?
    I thought you liked it long! /flees again
    That depends. Is she cute? Does she like dresses? Does she have a ponytail? Is she okay with reading my super-duper-long list of fetishes?

    If it's the risk one must take in upholding the justice that is frills and ponytails, I shall not falter!
    What?! I have nothing to hide! I'll show you anything you want... if you show me yours first! /flees again
    ME IN FRILLS! The day the world stands still to see me clad in frilly apparel!!
    I don't particularly hate feet... but they pale in comparison with what they prop up: [email protected]!2!oneoneone
    It seems to be gaining more traction even outside the usual weeaboo circles, so yes.
    I play mostly RPGs. Been playing Phantasy Star Portable 2 (PSP) lately. As for reading, mostly non-book, non-fiction like papers and stuff .-.
    But, but, but, don't you see how they're just waiting―no, ASKING―to be pulled?!

    No! I make each and every single one of them feel like they're in heaven. I could make you feel like that, too. /flees yet again
    Leg hairs? What makes you presume I have leg hairs?! The nerve!
    I do! Now grow up more! Grow up more quickly, so I can, err, well, you see, oh, look at the time, I gotta go!
    Your time will come toooooo! Also, did you know I'm actually the youngest admin? Tee. Hee.
    You're not getting it? What, should I play Checkmate and give you first-hand examples? Yaranaika? /flees another time

    Perfect. Now just to find a poor sod who'll carry our items... I mean, men exist to be enslaved, right? Right!
    What. You don't know how pure or tainted I am, so don't judge! Or would you rather me... demonstrate? /flees for the last time
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    Hello Nemuru,
    also it is nice to meet you too.
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    Its ok, busy Nemuru-chan huh? Sounds like living life on the edge here xD I somehow read it as one sentence which is why I thought you meant interacting with the heat xD I highly doubt what you said is true, people probably prefer without having me around anyway, you're clearly over-estimating me here xD Cookies, well maybe you should be a kunoichi and steal the cookies without him realising! xD Go go Ninja Nemuru-chan xD It haven't been that hot recently, in fact there's been quite a few rainy days so I guess I don't have to fight the heat as much but to fight the humidity now...
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    Oh hey, long time no see~
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    (Sorry for the late reply)

    Because nothing is more precious than a girl's tears! アヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ(゚∀゚(゚∀゚(゚∀゚(゚∀゚)゚∀゚)゚∀゚)゚∀゚)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ

    You appeared (and still do) more matured than your actual age! And I found it weird for a kid drawn to this kind of site.
    I dunno, maybe take you away from home to a luxury cruise and give you all the worldly pleasures you can ask for, or something.
    See, mine harms no one except probably myself as one can only drool and nosebleed so much before they die. orz
    Mais non, it's not voyeurism. It's giving beauty the admiration and appreciation it deserves, oui.
    Le frills, mademoiselle, le frills. Even I would look cute in them.
    Wha... I don't remember. Legs, sure! Feet, not really. Unless said feet are clad in frilly appenditure, of course.
    I don't! Gaming and reading are my chosen sources for entertainment. Anime is too mainstream ┐(´・ω・`)┌
    I know right. 2014, tsundere with twintails? S'il vous plaît! Handlebars... y'know, like, um, a motorbike... /flees

    Hey! I treasure each and every one of them. After all, they're worth a fortu... umm... I mean, totally invaluable.
    Shave... the frills?! What?! That defeats the entire point! What makes you think those clothes are such treasures?!
    Yeah, discrepancies between different education systems are confusing... It's okay, you'll be a ripe lady soon!
    Nooooo! Said that wrong, too. Meant one and a half, i.e. 16+8. Just almost! Not that old... yet.
    Oh, he'll reply for sure. Now, whether he'll reply with words or his body, that's the question... /flees again

    Indeed we should. Two ladies shopping together, looking for frilly apparel... what a day it'd be!
    Warm, huh? I could use some of that warmth, if you get what I'm saying... /flees yet again
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    I'm sure it would function without me being around, it have before I've joined, it'll after I've left, doubt it'll make any difference at all xD (Other than probably less unnecessary workload for Iggy, Checku and Corocoro-sama because of the silly mistakes that I've made). Cocona is around to oversee the place and enforce the rule of ASF if necessary anyway. No real lost here so I don't think anyone need to take my place xD Well, maybe if you sak Iggy-sama nicely, you might get some of those cookies as well as a special treat, use your kawaii charm Nemuru-chan! Yea I need to fight the heat, I need to be more productive again, though I'm not quite sure what exactly do you mean by interacting with the heat XD
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    No way, why would I? If I had a second to make a girl cry, I would've spent an aeon trying to make her smile. /pukes

    Only three years, but eh, based on what you said about your grade, I guess you were right after all. Sorry!
    Thooooough that means you're still not legal yet, oui?
    Nooooo, see, fetishes like BDSM can be harmful. Check's lust is harmful. My voyeu... I mean fashion tastes aren't!
    Not lolis in frills! Frills themselves! And oneechan-type in them, too (´・ω・`) I'm not really into feet though w
    I don't even watch anime in general, but I don't need to watch it to be fabulous myself! Glitter! °˖✧◝(☆╹ω╹☆)◜✧˖°
    I know right?! Twintails are so overrated! Sure, you can use them as handlebars, but nothing beats poniteeeee.

    Ah yes, that was to keep them in safety, of course. All for the children!
    Also garter straps, pantyhoses, stockings, and many other kinds of legwear. Not enough of a lady to wear those myself ;_;
    Asked some friends earlier about the grading system, and grade 10 seems to be correct. You grow up so fast /sniff
    Was gonna say "not that much older"... but then I realised I'm almost one-half your age orz
    Just cling on to him, act a bit impish and that'll get his attention. Men are beasts, after all.

    Didn't you know? I'm a lady of fervent grace and chaste soul!
    There's something wrong with you, then. Frillify yourself more! Wear a nice long dress too that you can attach frills all over.
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    Teehee I'm too forgetful nowadays >_> First sign of me getting too old >_> Maybe I should tell Checku-sama that I should retire and get my pension ASF cookies instead :/ Obviously England isn't as hot as your place, but still the heat is making me tired and lazy >_< As for generation gap, yea that's probably the case...
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    Nemuru-chan is younger than me? I actually can't remember that but somehow I think you're a couple of years younger than me now that thinking about it, that's how I ended up calling you with a chan from the beginning I think. Me? I'm tired probably because of the summer heat more than anything >_< In terms of whether I'm boring or not it is up to the community to decide, but I certainly don't get most of what's going on in Spam section sometimes nowadays xD
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