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  1. alrighty
  2. Will soon, but if I get again some free time...
  3. Oh, download the app
  4. Well, I'm currently with phone - but didn't downloaded the app yet - where then couldn't currently...

    Nickname: Shinigami N1
  5. So if i ping you, you’ll come? Whats your name?
  6. Well, am' always online ( I remain ON) there, just I've an busy times also...
  7. Online on discord
  8. Yeah, and I'll further for a while still as chef work...

    Ah, really? (Under wich u'name?) And nope, she didn't - although TC... And online? In ASF or there do you mean?
  9. Yes completely random

    Still working as a chef i see

    Ive been good, i joined the server that Kk made (I think she made it?) and was wondering why you're not online
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