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    ...for a second I thought I knew you, then I saw that your names was Myako and not Miyako...
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    Happy new year, Myo-chan!!!
    And a healthy and peaceful year for you and your family!!!
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    Hmm, I'm entirely lost You live in a house, that works xD

    School suck and it will always suck, but it will get worse when you get a job if you don't get the job you like xD

    Reminds me about that I lost my :< But pillboxes are pretty :3

    Oh, that kinda sucks

    Hmm, I can't speak Japanese... English on the other hand sound better in general. I listen to Japanese music though since I have a tendency to get stuck in lyrics when it's in English since I know what they say. So it feels good to listen to some random shit :3

    Nice ^^ How many cats do you have? :3

    Btw, congrats on your birthday! I hole you'll have an awesome day and get alot of cake!
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    I hope you'll succeed :3

    Hmm, don't know what you mean there :/ On the other hand... I don't even know what the kind of house I live in is called in Swedish

    Don't be lazy ^^ It won't do you any good later though... so I guess that you can be lazy now. But not later! :<

    Pillbox :>

    I hope that you take some pills against that instead of waiting it out though...

    I agree... I don't like Swedish in general though since it sounds so ugly compared with English D: English sounds so much better ^^

    Ouch, it sucks when that happens :/ Don't you have a fan or something that you can keep on during the night or have a timer on?
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    ...Oh...?! Sorry Myo-chan, aber ich hab damals gerade aufgewacht... ...Und ich bin bald wieder da, aber ich was schnell zu erledigen, dann später...~>
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    I wish you good luck ^^ You have to be extremely stubborn to do so xD

    Well that kinda sucks :/ You can always scare people who might knock on your door during halloween ;3 I still don't think that it's that bad though xD

    Work hard huh... I wish I did that the last 3 years in school On the other hand... I would've needed this work therapy anyways so I guess that I would've ended up with having to go through it anyways :/ You better work hard or else it will be hard to get a job in the future. It might not be that important though depending on how old you are... It's extremely important between the ages of 15-18 (don't know what that kind of school is named in English and don't know if you have the same ways to study as in Sweden). I hope that you're doing good in school :3

    Kinda, my stress is going to give me a heartattack someday xD

    Haha, it's dangerous to be outside during summer xD I hate when there's no wind outside... you can barely breath :/

    Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised -.- I've found 2 Swedish guys on this forum but no one lives in my town :< Swedish people are rare to find, that kinda sucks... I don't like to speak Swedish either so I'll end up speaking English with them anyways.

    The clock doesn't like you :3 It's something called magic when the computer changes the clock by itself ^^
    Okay, good I had a hard time sleeping since it's so damn hot in here D: I'm better with cold than with heat xD
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    Hmm... Okay, dann lass dich überaschen, in dem speziell Tag, Mio-chan...
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    Nun, ich werd irgendwie euch dann vielleicht in einen einzelt oder in kompleten Thread zusammen führen...
    ...Aber du meinst eigentlich mit den "Dann führs doch einfach gleich zusammen?" -> "Dass ich ihm dir jetzt vorstellen sollte", oder wie...?
    Ich sehe dann... Nun, ich werd dann auf deine Thread warten...~>
    Okay, dann... Nara o-yasumi Mio-chan, soshite ii yume ga aru kara...
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    Hmm, you could always stop. You can't really try to control her if she doesn't want to stop buying it :/ You have to stop eating it even though you know that it's there. And yes, I know... it's hard as hell xD

    You're the girl in school who scares the hell out of everyone ^^ Meh, I don't think it's that bad after all xD

    Oh, that sucks >_< I hope that you got good grades though :/ You can always talk with each others during breaks ^^ Pillows everywhere :<

    I guess. My friend who also visited that city was calm as the ocean itself. That just made me more and more stressed D: I hate time related stuff, I'm so horribly bad at that kind of stuff

    It's the same here I believe. I'll run out of energy instantly when it's hot outside :/ You get so extremely tired and that usually affect my positivity so I'll turn negative instead xD

    Yeah, I don't like Sweden in general. Not many here likes anime so you kinda don't have anyone here that you can speak with about it D: It's just a boring country in general, probably because I've lived here for 20 years, but still...

    Alright, I'll probably going to be awake about 5 more hours ^^ My clock is the same as yours and mine is only 11:06 pm
    Sleep well and take care. Have sweet dreams :3
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    ...Wa-Was, am 11., 11. August??? Was für eine Zufall, da hat ja SB (ein Freund von hier) auch Geburtstag...
    So Doujinshi mässige dann...?~>
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