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    A bit ironic to not see any credits for Etsu, but I wonder if his page is incomplete. Now we do knock on Etsu a lot... but honestly I think Mikoto has a lot of good scenes in that one with the spider birth scene and some other cool monster parts. Some nice breast expansion with her mother and Takeru too. Definitely the weakest link... but hardly bad!

    Yeah it will probably be easier to do the Shoku remake with this new engine now. Sadly, I responded back to Hayami kind of trying to get confirmation on a Shoku remake really happening, but he didn't get back to me (yet?) ... I guess for the time being we will have to cross our fingers. I think it will be the best one of them all if it really happens, but that's the twins fan in me talking hehe. Would be really cool to get another White Cat Brigade chapter too to keep building up to a Inyouchuu 6. I am really excited to play that chapter, but I plan to play the main Remake parts first.

    I forget if you liked Kaori? I don't think she has many fans, but she seems like your type from what I would guess. It's funny I don't know what to think of her characters... but I fucking love her body. The plumpest one of them all! So I'm excited to see her get more scenes. Sora is cute too, but can't match up to the twins and Rinko for the teens to me.
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    Here's his VN profile:

    Maybe he's just doing all this work since it's a remake. Well like I said I think we'll always be a little confused haha.

    I like how on his pixiv and twitter he says he likes bugs. lol
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    I think I got a pretty good answer! It sounds like Hayami is the director (maybe since Kyou). He does the designs and storyboards of scenes, then Aojiru "paints" them as they say over there so probably does the second half of the work, Hayami also writes the story and scene concepts while another writer finalizes it. So sounds like Hayami does a lot of the rough draft work and is maybe responsible for the direction the series has gone.
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    I messaged him! Tried to make it simple easy English, hopefully he understands some of it. Either way... you look over the rest of his Pixiv account and none of this looks like TB art at all. So I'm not sure it adds up to me. But I can imagine multiple artists work on a single game and do different parts, so I'm sure Aojiru's not a one man show... but I'm sure he's probably the final boss. lol
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    I am not sure what to make of this Japanese fan talking about Hayami.

    This is a lot of info here from Goku's time:

    The description actually does kind of confirm this. But it's still hard to tell. Originally I thought he was just designing some of the new monsters, as seen by his pixiv account and all. Now I'm thinking maybe he also designed the White Cat Brigade.

    I don't know, I think we'll just always be confused. Tinkerbell's stuff has always been obscure overseas, but I doubt we've had incorrect info about Aojiru for over 10 years now. Plus there's consistency between the character designs, art styles, and fetishes evolving between all his credited works and I would think that he was the original designer for the first Inyouchuu and the beginnings. Maybe this Hayami guy does a lot of the grunt work and Aojiru does the finishing touches with the new stuff and maybe Aojiru's at the top of the food chain now calling the shots and directing things. Really hard to tell I guess. Maybe I'll message this Hayami person!
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    wow that is some insane stuff even for Aojiru standards lol
    I actually don't mind spoilers at all (somehow they don't compromise my enjoyment of a story) so feel free to send some more screens and/or story details =)
    So, I imagine this is the moment when the whole sister rebirth happen, is it the last scene? What happens exactly? is this the guy causing all of this?
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    Yeah dude... can barely even tell they're Inyouchuu characters, lmao. No way I'm buying those.
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    Hard in more ways than one hehe.

    Oh you know me, I already have tons of pics of them:

    I still see listings for them all around, even English ebay a few years ago:
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    This and the Kowaku daki are the only ones I own. I definitely don't want too many of them, but I'll be tempted on some of these Inyouchuu ones. I do wonder if it would be cozy being sandwiched between two haha.

    Yeah I know the old Inyouchuu 1 era figures you're talking about, they very NSFW ones? They are official but look quite bad. I hope they maybe release some nice high quality ones someday that are SFW. Mikoto in her classic outfit with the sword, and the cat guy all in one would be awesome. Though it will hurt my wallet even more haha.
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    So what's a good dakimakura pillow? These new Inyouchuu ones seem to be W500mm×H1600mm.

    The one I bought is this one:

    But it's a few inches too short. Luckily I had a little pillow to fill in Mikoto/Takeru's feet, lol but it's still kind of funny. Great quality though and I love how it stays cool. But I think I'll try a different pillow when I get the twins dakimakura.

    I didn't know you had some. lol, it's deep end dorky... but I'm doing it for Inyouchuu!
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