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    Hi, Dave. ^^

    There isn't much I personally need help with, so thanks for the offer, but I won't take you up on it.
    As for more abstract helping - well, another person talking in the forum's social sections never hurts.

  2. anyone interested in electronic music---lightsuit performance---i've posted a retrospective from 2004-2010 from when I was performing and composing music under the name Improper Motions. Why some of you may enjoy it. When building the suit, I was referencing Psycho Mantis (mgs), Spawn (movie), Raptors (jurassic park), Voldo (soul blade/calibur), and laughing octopus from mgs4 seemed to reference me lol. the goal was to look as inhuman as possible---it wasn't cosplay---but I was performing at different venues in florida doing performance and a/v. i would love to come out of retirement to work any anime related conventions---especially the afterparties sometimes attached to the conventions.
    download is 1.3 gb----password is monkey. please do not share any pictures that show my face, as I also work in a professional capacity that created a reason for---and actually created better results by creating a faceless, dark, aberattion of light.
    password = monkey
    anyone interested in remixing any of my tracks, please feel to do so--but I would like a copy of your work. if releasing for profit, contact me, and we can come to an arrangement that you can legally release reworks of my tracks that will benefit everyone.
    if anyone has any anime voice tracks without audio please let me know---it might be fun to remix my own tracks-----i love the rock the casbah/bakemonogatari mashup I found on yourube and soudcloud
  3. not promoting music or anything---just something I used to do back in the day---want to start taking tracks and trying to make new soundtracks for a few shows I like. the track listed below goes great with bakemonogatari final tsubasa cat and with higurashi final episode. if anyone knows a simple way to combine audio files with existing video (not wanting to make an amv and cut video) please let me know.
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    You're welcome.
  5. Recent "Completed" Drawing/photography/photoshop hybrid: "Baby before the kill"
    have some of my current work posted. "Baby, before the kill"---just a working title. not completely sure how story ends yet---either way, I am having to drag a female character of mine, who I like, into long term hell, which has changed the character and I am seeing a murderous, catlike glee at the evil she may be partaking of.
    take it one at a time I guess. high res files. i call them subconscious drawings----found out the surrealists had a process may be similar called automatic drawing.
    all starts out as approx 4x6 frame completely filled with overlapping lines, shapes, etc, lines of different sizes. I try not to look anymore when filling the frame to try to get different results. After filling the frame--this is what I refer to as a "Nonsense" or "Gibberish" drawing,
    This is when you have to shut down your brain and let your subconscious guide the drawing---really more like identifying stuff in the clouds. the drawings almost draw themselves at this point. because there is no space in the frame, you have to knock stuff out to create space. I used 50-70percent markers so I can start getting some idea of close middle far, based on value. I constantly rotate frame as I work, because there are usually about 50-100 good drawings waiting to be revealed. If I see a bunch of potential ideas, I stop, scan at 600 dpi, and print full page, half page, and quarter page prints. working on copies means you will not mess up original, also in making mistakes, you find new answers.
    follow up steps for those interested with next post
  6. thank you, this site is amazing
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    Hello there~

    Hope it is alright to be friends.

    May happiness come your way.

    Here is a little sweet treat~

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About mrneph2
4o year old adult-o-lescent. Old school fan of japanese animation (prior to it being called japanimation or anime). Had fallen out of love with anime over 15 years ago when the market of anime released to the u.s transitioned from movies, to series.
The Game Lollipop Chainsaw changed my life and tastes in music, etc. Because of all of the bonus outfits released in the game being from anime/manga, it was the reason I started researching the shows, then began watching anime again in 2012. First show to watch High School of the Dead. I can't even begin to guess how may series I have seen since mid 2012, because I will watch an entire season or 2 season series in a single day. I hate censorship, and I try to watch as many shows as possible (even if I've never heard of them) in the format they were meant to be seen.
Thankful that I have seen many of the shows that were subtitled first, because I am amazed at how much vital information is lost in the translation (prime example kore wa zombie desuka Is this a zombie---dubbed version is so dumbed down, oversexualized, and kills the beauty of the series).
Thankful to have found a community of like-minded fans of anime/manga, and would like to become friends with all of you.
fl, usa
watching uncensored anime, of course! video games. constantly drawing/photography. women.


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