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  1. Hi Shine, salefiles is good enough but only 500mb parts, please could you UpLoad [170324] [クロシェット] はるるみなもに! 初回限定版 + Bonus on salefiles in 500mb parts?

  2. Thanks Shine <3
  3. Hi midnighter, I will fill your last requests in next few days, have any request just let me know ?
  4. Shine <3 THx,
    Your ReUp are so great!
  5. Hi mid, Your request #7 & 8 reupload done
  6. Thank you Shine!
    This would be very nice, thanks.

  7. Hi mid, I'm sorry. I have all it, just dont have time to get link. I'll give you new links in next 1~2 day
  8. Shine,
    Please can you tell me, when can you upload the next game?
    I am so , a lot
  9. Thank you very much!
  10. Yah, U're welcome. That's my work ^^
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