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    Happy New Year!
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    Merry Christmas! ^^
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    I love all the Rens too, I expect Kouen will be a ruthless bastard but NO he's so adorable I want to squeeze him XD
    Just kill that evil woman please... I raged when she touch Kouen =_=
    The newest chapters is funny too rofl
    Wha isn't that hard making a kimono? Are you from Japan?

    Simple is good too right? Don't feel like that, the important thing is the result ^^ it is pretty...
    Me too, I'm just messing with brush and layers not even add some text except anime-sharing SOTM I'm bad with typography orz

    I mean my grinning gif siggy, my avatar is correct it's Enma Ai the hell girl I really love her ehehe ^^
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    Non, mademoiselle. C'est bien. Hmm, "despise" isn't a particularly tricky word―were you mixing it up with "despite"? Either way, hope you did well for the rest. Mere misspelling shouldn't deduct your score too much... hopefully. So you're a science person and totally not learning stuff like economics, sociology and the like? Actually, though, I wanted to get into information systems in uni (which requires a science basis), so I studied the science subjects during my last year of high school... but I still failed, orz. Liberal arts turned out to be quite cool too, though. And well, the exam being on Friday translates to more satisfaction when the day's over and you're approaching Saturday, non?

    I've been good... lots of slacking, though. Was supposed to get some work earlier done this week, but the week's almost over and I still haven't gotten it done. orz

    Well, yes. I don't think a real girl would deign to put something like that as her signature except for the sole sake of playing tricks with reverse-psychology, inciting others into thinking that she's a guy masquerading as a girl. But the previous sentence seems too roundabout to make a very simple statement, so once again, yes, I am. :3 But I have, indeed, been mistaken as a girl more often than just once or twice on the internet. And I don't even use girly emotes like the ones you use. So that signature is more or less a joking attestation to that.
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    No problem
    I love Magi so much, all the chara is loveable and cute too... XD
    Yap, I love kimono in every way ^^
    Thank you very much
    I love your entries the most too, white winter... it looks like you put much efforts on it.
    The truth is I've been stalking to your siggy... because i love them hehehe
    I see you have a new set too, kuroko no basuke?
    *sorry for my broken english orz
    My siggy and avatar now is not a set though I don't know what anime my siggy from ^^
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    Hey Leia~

    Nah, nah. Don't worry about it. I can sometimes take over a month to reply too. Well, good luck on your English exam, then! (I hope you won't write like you do on the 'net there!) Chemistry and physics, huh―glad I got into the social studies programme (as opposed to science) in high school. So it's exam season now, huh? Well, Christmas's getting near and all that. And really, don't worry about it, concentrate on your finals first~

    P.S.: My signature is incorrect, of course. :3 Not sure how you'd consider it ironic.
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    hi! yeah, i like snsd a fair amount. jessica is my favorite member though.
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    It's kyougoku from MAGI right?
    She's really cute tsundere lol
    Mine is a character from Amnesia, use it because I love kimono..
    I love you siggy too, you do great job with it... XD
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    Ah, but the compliments are well deserved. Nothing is more immediate and poignant as a good picture. It makes me wish I had some talent with PS and/or drawing. And lol, you can call me whatever you please. Some users here call me kc for reasons still unknown to me >_>...
    I also didn't mean to pressure you or anything so take your time :3
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    Glad you like it. Are the words there legible? When it was still a prototype, a staff member was trying to read it though he missed some words, so I guess I succeeded in making it not very legible, teehee. And no, I would hate doing a lazy man's work for a new skin, lol.

    Well, we're even, then. No need to apologise over that either, because I suppose everyone has Life™ after all.

    Haha, was that guy fond of, say, using emoticons such as ;w; or c: and the like that are more often used by girls? And yes, that's correct. To be honest, I was a bit surprised the first time I saw how often C4D renders were used freely by signature makers. I mean, C4D is a field that casual designers usually stay out of. If you're an abstract artist, do 3D modelling or deal with CAD stuff, maybe. But if you're just an everyday designer whose only tool of trade is Photoshop, well, I'd say that's rather peculiar. The problem, as with all kinds of stock graphics, is as you described: if you have a good feel in mixing and matching elements, you can do good with them. Otherwise, unlikely. And no, I've made some crappy C4D-laden signatures myself that I'd rather not see again orz. I stopped using them pretty early, lol.

    Nope, having opinions is all well and good, so I welcome that. As about your stuff, well, your SOTM-winning signature looks nice and harmonious, so I don't have much to add. If I had to, though, I'd say that maybe you could improve the typography: since the face of the character stands out very well, it's easily the most dominant focal point within the entire image. And the basic concept of typography, I believe, is to avoid distracting already-existing focal points with (most basically) the placement of the text. It's nice that you placed the text in an empty area so as to avoid making it look messy; I just think it kinda tries (and fails) to compete with the face as the focal point. Just my two cents, of course.
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