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  1. oh!
  2. Artworks?
    You could try at Creativity Corner > Graphic Showcase.
    Then just create your own tread to show your works.
  3. where can you post your own artworks here?
  4. nice!
    this looks interesting!
    ill check this out after my prelims!
  5. That's great! We could use more people, to live things up.

    BTW, have you read Angel Densetsu? It's quite funny. You could find it here.
    It's about a guy who was misjudged by people around him due to his appearance, which lead to funny outcome.
  6. yup!
    very much!
    anime-sharing community is accomodating!
  7. Howdy. Just chillin' here.
    Do you enjoyed your stay here in ASF?
  8. just drop by to say hi!
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