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  1. Do post in the job threads you want to take >_>
  2. Yeah, because people usually search like for example "Madoka Magica OP MP3" or "Madoka Magica OP FLAC" but not both MP3 and FLAC right~
  3. lol seriously? >_>
  4. Must've been long ago since a while ago Check instructed to separate them into one thread each for better SEO ╹◡╹
  5. Oops my bad >_>. Oh i left them together cus i heard zero said so last time :3

    LOL dude, the singer is Suara not Saurus. Fixed for ya for now.
    Also next time please remember to have one thread for lossless and one for mp3.

    It's all yours my good sir. Take your time and thanks in advance.
  8. pssh spelling error, mean to say forum lololol
  9. *points at your torrent comment on Nyaa*
    It's /forum not /forums lol
    Or just put as the link, it works too.
  10. Dude where you been -_-
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