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    I didn't play the first as i don't own a ps3, i just looked up the story. Though from what i see the gameplay wasn't the best
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    I like blind guardian, although their latest album felt a bit generic.
    I also prefer single player campaigns, it is a bit of a shame they seem to be leaving quake as their "multiplayer only" series, but maybe we're gonna see another with a campaign at some point? Although I'm having less and less time for videogames, especially because in my free time I'm also trying to do all this other stuff like meddling with japanese and trying to draw etc. I still haven't finished nier automata
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    I love metal, it's my favorite genre, in fact the "prog" in my name is for progressive metal but i also like heavier stuff from time to time. Doom's ost was pretty good, especially the parts with the 8 string guitar, but it's true that in some parts it gets too "dubstep" and kinda makes you miss the old soundtrack with all the tracks ripped off from all sorts of heavy metal songs =P
    I wonder what kind of direction they'll take with the new quake
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    LOL oh shit they were worse looking then I recalled :/
    But for you to have the images of them ready is also pretty funny. If they did a proper model for the Anniversary I think we have a taker.
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    I think if you had the twins next to each other that might make it hard for you to sleep.
    Yeah them figures are odd if I come across them again and see any semi decent looking or okish ones I'll post them.
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    You wanna sandwich yourself between the twins I take it
    TBH I an't the guy to ask for this. Might wanna ask with some of the experienced daki collectors on the forums or something, since I think there is many variables you can have with pillow types.

    I got mine of aliexpress years ago for cheap since they were knock offs like $20 a pop. Someone on Hf was talking about them in the Lilith thread but the chat got cut due to them being about illegal purchases.
    I don't even use mine anymore since you can easily ruin the lovely art and take effort to maintane. Some people hang them up on walls, though but I don't have the space for that either.

    DAYUM that's a lot of DAKI's in your post. How many do you own now? I've also seen some iffy looking Inyouchuu figures around, but they seem legit just a bit on the cheaper model maker side.
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    Well 0 is great to get the fresh start and late summer we have the first games remake coming. So if you get the chance to pick it up I say do it! The reason it's the best I've played (1,3,4,5)(5 I haven't finished) is simply the battle system is much more smoother, the story is overall better paced and overall the have smoothed out a lot of the issues from the older games, while still keeping it in the same vain.

    Yeah I thought you couldn't DL it cuz code was blocked so it might not have redeemed it. But saying that codes might be redeemable but this is through dlsite and not cyberworks site so...

    Shoku is choc full of content so DAYUM! I just wanted to check, so you're not a 100% sure? I'll check in the thread.
    I'm starting to think rather then him doing a direct remake his taking key scenes and updating them to keep the overall narrative, while adding new content to said scenes and beyond while losing/cutting some of the fluffier parts. I said that cuz I went through and have got comparison shots ready of old to new and some of the straight new pieces. So we can discuss on the thread. I mean who wants a lovely Yamato Mikato/Sui scene when you have all this hard content?

    Yeah he does 2 games a year on average, but if his doing SHOKU and with how big it is we might get it for new years if lucky or he skips the winter game and we get a super payload next year?!?
    Nothing goofy, people would say that about people who played games back in the day or watched cartoons now it's the hip thing... Like some people idolize pornstars and all that, at-least with hentai we have many of the finer things to discuss when it comes to creators of detailed worlds/girls and all things pervy.
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    just a fanart that I draw, but havent posted it publicly yet.
    and i crop it for censoring
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    Yeah I IMO Yakuza 0 is the best of the series I have played. The only trophy related stuff I have left is for doing the mini games over and over. And my patience hasn't got the time for it.

    I'll have to look into and perhaps save for a big order then.
    TBH the codes are likely all gone or used since they only dropped 500 of them.

    In regard to the Inoyouchuu rmeake they did say the were gonna remake SHOKU after the 1st game right?
    IIRC SHOKU won the poll and they said after that result they will do the first game then the 2nd next year?
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