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    I remember angel blade, probably the first hentai anime i ever watched =P

    The Asagi games are not bad but at the same time I'm not super into them, maybe because they don't play that much into my fetishes and go more for humiliation/degradation themes.
    The characters are funny at times but i never found myself particularly caring about them, the story is interesting but they keep too much of a serious tone for my taste and can be a bit repetitive making me want to skip ahead often. Let's say I've only played them because they have been patched in english, otherwise i would not have taken the time to actually read through them. They have good moments and good art, but not even close to inyouchuu!
    I can see why so many people like them though, I wonder how will they shake up the formula with asagi zero,.... if it ever comes out.
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    Similarities? Maybe her eyes?
    I keep seeing people mentioning viper gts, i never watched it because it seemed super old but mayne i should check it out.
    I must say, before inyouchuu i never felt attached to any character from any hentai, they aleays felt just there to have their sex scene and that was it. With Mikoto and the others instead i feel like i could just follow a story with them even if it wasn't hentai (which i basically do whenever i read the non h parts).
    I also tried reading other games but it's not the same and i basically feel like i am done with it once i knkw how thebstory ends (mayne Monster park is not bad, but i feel like it is more for the hentai parts).
    Inyouchuu is so great, i cannot wait to have my copy here!
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    Who knows, maybe they will be folded?
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    I imagine you are talking about the eu laws that supposedly led to nyaa closing shop. I actually had not heard anything about it until this came up and i have no idea if Italy is even affected by it, or even what is happening exactly. From what i have heard it was mostly against sources hosting some illegal streaming services kinda like the old megavideo where people uploaded tv series and pirated movies (afaik it's the most common source of piracy these days, almost no one i know uses torrents anymore). Anyway it's usually not the end users being targeted by these laws, but the hosting sites, for example some bigger torrent sites.
    What's strange is that nyaa is not nearly as big and known as the likes of kat, isohunt or piratebay, so they could probably keep operating unaffected by this kind of stuff, which is usually pushed by the movies and music industry, meaning they wouldn't care much about nyaa. This makes me hope they didn't just close for good and just acted in advance and will be back when they find an alternative. Or maybe their host was one of those hit because of the streaming and they had to delete all their stuff, who knows...
    Whatever the truth is i just hope they come back or some other new torrent site emerges as a result, the ones available are not nearly as good and i'd never use ddl sites other than mega and mediafire if i can choose.
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    My notifications are working normally.
    The previews are looking great =)
    But what I really want is more inyouchuu previeeeeeeews
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    I didn't play the first as i don't own a ps3, i just looked up the story. Though from what i see the gameplay wasn't the best
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    I like blind guardian, although their latest album felt a bit generic.
    I also prefer single player campaigns, it is a bit of a shame they seem to be leaving quake as their "multiplayer only" series, but maybe we're gonna see another with a campaign at some point? Although I'm having less and less time for videogames, especially because in my free time I'm also trying to do all this other stuff like meddling with japanese and trying to draw etc. I still haven't finished nier automata
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    I love metal, it's my favorite genre, in fact the "prog" in my name is for progressive metal but i also like heavier stuff from time to time. Doom's ost was pretty good, especially the parts with the 8 string guitar, but it's true that in some parts it gets too "dubstep" and kinda makes you miss the old soundtrack with all the tracks ripped off from all sorts of heavy metal songs =P
    I wonder what kind of direction they'll take with the new quake
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    LOL oh shit they were worse looking then I recalled :/
    But for you to have the images of them ready is also pretty funny. If they did a proper model for the Anniversary I think we have a taker.
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    I think if you had the twins next to each other that might make it hard for you to sleep.
    Yeah them figures are odd if I come across them again and see any semi decent looking or okish ones I'll post them.
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