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  1. Heya, currently soo swamped on weekdays with the new job not much time on gaming except Dai gyakuten saiban on the 3ds (Its a spinoff of the ace attorney series, not sure if you're familiar, but its a unique genre of visual novel)
  2. Hello i haven't heard from you for a while how are you doing right now?
  3. Thanks for telling me!
    Oh i am playing 1931: Scheherazade at the Library of Pergamum right now i just passed the intro i know that its a stats raising game so i am kind of playing it in a very alternative way (i am really bad at these stats balancing stuff)

    Oh have you played this VN game called Brass Restoration?:
    Its such a really good game with good music, story and art (i know it looks simple like compared to the games now since its very old release)
    Its my first VN and the most impacted VN in my life (the characters route/story made me cry a few times)
    If you do try it please tell me your opinion of it i would really like to know!
    (The protagonist is a boy though and you pursue four girls hope u are okay with it since its not Otome)
  4. My very first Otoge VN was probably Real Rode and Hakuouki. Imagine at that time I knew squat of Japanese (like nadda) I just relied on the voiced parts to discern what was being said. Cuz I couldn't read but I could get the gist of spoken Japanese (Thanks to years and years of Anime watching). For those that I've wanna read more about or maybe re-read because I really really liked/loved it. Jyuuzaengi, Geten no Hana, La Corda 2 series (I like 3 but it gets tiresome to play).

    There are also a handful of English Otoges/VNs: I'm currently replaying 1931: Scheherazade at the Library of Pergamum (steam ver.) its on sale now~ plus I found a cheat file haha. All the games Sakevisual (backstage pass, Kansei series) make are interesting. There's this group who are creating a horror VN that looks awesome its called The Letter, Cinders is nice too. I can't think of any other else at the moment, but if you also have anything to recommend me feel free~
  5. Thanks for telling me i will check it out!
    Is there any other VN's that have impacted your life like made you want to read more?
    Also what is your first VN?
  6. oh haha no it's nothing like that. I guess I got confused and didn't really check where I was replying. I don't often check messages when I log in. I usually just take a peek if there's anything new. I'm still waiting for someone to share angelique retour at the moment. I've also got a long list of games I should get started but I'm pretty hooked up on a novel series right now. It's totally up my alley. It's like the perfect story for an otome game but not focused on romance and the heroine is a total badass. Anyways the series is called Throne of Glass by Sarah Maas. And I'm telling you its a really good read!
  7. Yeah i have played the first Free Friends and completed it.(i know its strange but it wasn't that bad i actually quite liked it) i am going to play the second one soon after The way we all go
    Have you heard of euphoria? they have both the game and the OVA for it.
    The Ova came first and the game was released in english just few months ago.
    For me it was more cringer than Free Friends.(I watched the OVA few years ago and couldn't watch it to the end)
    Hmm... thats strange i didn't receive your message after you asked me what game i was playing, i thought you didn't like my response (since i didn't receive it sorry about that).
    and after visiting your profile page i see that you have replied to your own page than the conversation page or my profile page (sorry i didn't respond to you! hope you are not mad at me)
  8. I am okay! Just stressing over my final exam on the 25th of February
    Gaming is going just fine! I am playing a game that is called The way we all go and the games i am looking forward to playing is called Free Friends 2.
    What about you?
  9. How's the gaming? What are you playing at the moment? What games are you looking forward to play?
  10. Hey, I'm doing okay. You?
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