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    Happy B'day Blue! I wish for you a enjoyable and nice time with your beloved ones, enjoy every moment with! And have many healthy and successfully years ahead you still!!!
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    I think some people started a fan translation a while back, though I'm too lazy to look it up now. Also, if you don't mind missing out on the story, I guess it's playable, though you may encounter roadblocks at times like when you need to gather certain ingredients to progress the story. Otherwise, if the operator doesn't have any new story mission available, just talk to everyone and see if it makes any difference. Not that I recommend just playing it without caring for the story, as the entire series has awesome storylines...

    The main character clearly became even more of a natural leader than Rindou, though, as even Rindou himself said something like "I used to think I was an irreplaceable asset that supports the Far East Branch, but apparently you're even more so" at the end of Burst. Then again, both GE and GE2 main characters have the typical characteristics of 'faceless' protagonists that I like: proactive, but not like stupid spiky-haired teens from shounen shows; natural-born leaders, but the plot doesn't entirely spin around them alone; and they're not free from consequences. (Like when Hannibal cripples the main character in Burst.)
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    It just feels off because it sounds like they're basically making a new character for the anime. For example, the main character's name is Utsugi Renka in the anime, while the game supposedly has it as Kannagi Yuu. Most likely players won't ever see this name anywhere, though, unless you play God Eater 2 without importing any GE/GE Burst save data. That way, the main character of GE/B (whose name is only mentioned in the database) will be Kannagi Yuu. If you import a GE/B save, however, the name will be whoever you named your GE/B character.

    I play as a female in just about any game that lets me create my own character, because I hate guys. Just kidding, but I guess I'm accustomed to seeing the main character and Alisa having a BFF kind of relationship instead of a romantic one, especially when the main character consoles Alisa. I don't know about the particular version of said character in the anime, but I don't think the game version was that alpha. If you try out GE2, you may think the main character is even more alpha, like staying on their toes after taking blows from an Aragami that destroy others' God Arc or send them flying...

    And yeah, both images have the same animation frames, so the timing is exactly the same.
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    Happy B'day Blue, have an nice day today, and enjoy your day with your beloved ones, gift, cakes, etc.!!!
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    Heya, sorry for the late reply. Actually, I dunno; I haven't seen it (and am kinda lazy to start). I know it's ufotable and all, but from what I heard from my friends, it seems like I'm not going to like the main character. They say in the anime the main character is depicted as sorta noobish and clearly resembling a greenhorn. In the game, s/he's highly talented in both leadership and combat abilities. Not that I like imba protagonists, but I just wouldn't like it being different... particularly, and mainly, because the main character is a guy in the anime.
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    lol same with Terumi then, pc also broke. Main channel is full of new ppls, staffs mostly talk in staff channel. We are also playing ro in our own private server lol.
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    Sry for the late reply.Been doing fine, just login AS frm time to time only (forgot tocheck VM lol). I still lurk at the irc though. How about you?
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    Happy New Year!
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    I don't even log into Youtube nowadays and just watch on phone when I'm afk or bored. You watch other channels or stuff on Youtube besides RWJ? I sometimes watch gaming channels like Tyrannicon, though my primary use of the site is for MLP.
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    I used to follow his updates regularly when I was using Twitter, because I'd see his feed and new videos and all that. Now I just watch randomly whatever I haven't watched in my spare time. That's a good one :3 One of my all-time favourites is the one where he posted a clip of a Japanese McDonald's ad with Ronald stalking customers and so forth w
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