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    Yeah I have to imagine we'll see that extra lost twins content someday...

    There is massive enormous belly button births all across the remake honestly. What comes out is usually so big the creature/thing is used on screen to mask any potential guro that probably just took place. Especially loli Sui's scene. In that side view scene with the twins, it's almost humorous because the slug that comes out of them is like the size of a fucking tank. Or like a Tremor, lmao. It's elements like this and some of the large insertions lately that are so over the top it's comical rather than a turn on... I hope they do some fine tuning on some of this stuff for the future of the series, lol. Previously some of this stuff at least looked proportionally realistic in ways, but now it's getting crazy.
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    In the last fusion scene it actually kind of looks like they birth the orange demon boss from Goku.

    Which... does that mean it's canon? lol
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    There were three fusion scenes and the ones prior were nothing special. It is definitely the weakest twins content CG wise, but I'm not super upset since they've been everywhere now so it's not a huge loss. lol

    I like some of the White Cat Brigade stuff more, but it definitely has some of the most disturbing stuff.
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    Maybe Prog can tell but yeah I honestly couldn't say for sure if that older teacher (?) or student is actually Nightmare this time around. Seems like he leads the girls on a lot for most of their bad ends and Nightmare only emerges at the end of the routes. I think there were some routes with this evil guy and they ended without any Nightmare scenes. Hard to say.

    Needing a new computer in general or getting a nice upgrade?

    Oh yeah I didn't like the fusions, lol. There is a side view one that is okay... since it looks like that Meioki scene or the one with them sandwiched again in Goku, but yeah. Fucking weird, too weird.
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    Yeah I know the scene you're talking about now, think that one pops up further along her paths when she's willingly becoming a slave hehe. All the girls eventually end up in that bathroom in some of their bad paths. I wonder if it's implied that Nightmare fucked her first in the remake even though it opens up with human gangbangs. But the original doesn't even show him fucking anyone besides Mikoto so yeah, the details must be in the text probably.

    That actually sounds familiar. Because yeah those scenes are after he defeats Nightmare. There's this whole naked Mikoto or Sui thing with baby Yamato, but then the scene reverts back to them in the school field without the supernaturalness. So it must have been in his mind or something fancy.

    Can't wait to see what you think of the weirder fetishes. They went a little too far with the belly button dino eggs this time for me haha... it really is impressive that it does seem even more extreme than Kyou and Goku the more I think about it, and look back on those CG's. There is almost no visual sign of guro this time around though, thankfully. But still way too much scat.
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    Yeah I think her human scene were probably the hottest. Not sure about any major story changes, it still seems odd how both the good Mikoto and Sui endings seem like they could be canon and up to the player. I don't remember reincarnated Yamato baby stuff though haha. I thought in the original they maybe married him and had a child or something, but I'm not sure. As for Takeru, there is definitely a few more h scenes of her that seem canon even in the good routes... was she cursed from the start of the original or was it Nightmare that made her so lustful? It seems like she's gotten worse and worse with it but I can't really remember the origins of her sex life, haha.

    The game opens up with her being gangbanged in the shot with her bent over doggy style and blindfolded. Not sure if that's the one you're talking about.
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    Think I'm right to call Takeru's new look "athletic"? She's so cute!

    I actually like how her black stockings are kind of a signature accessory for her lately. They appear in a lot of scenes again. As always I like my girls naked in the end, but something about her stockings seems to just further emphasis her lust and sluttiness to me. heh

    You'd probably get a kick out of Momomo's route. It's funny gag Inyouchuu for sure and the rape scene is canon for it, haha. I guess kind of like how they hyped up Ouka in Shoku for the good routes, Momomo is apparently legendary level and even shocks Kyoko and Rinko. She "accidentally" defeats "blue horsey" as Prog put it or something. I think she probably liked the tentacle sex and then accidentally killed him. lmao

    Can't remember if it's Momomo or Momono...
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    Yeah it's out. Sounds amazing from everything I hear across trusted sources. Female director too. Fuck that Ghostbusters movie... this is how you do it right!

    I didn't know it mostly takes place in the amazons I think, maybe in the past as well. Looks like DBZ. I thought she was a highlight in Batman vs Superman.

    Like we've discussed I'm real burned out on this genre and barely care movie wise, but this one definitely looks promising!
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    Wonder Woman looks EPIC.
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    Are you having trouble running the game?
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