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    Hello Ami, how are you doing? its been a while since i have talked to you.
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    Its okay! i enjoy listening to you and talking to you!
    Well iam still an amature so i can only understand when the games are voiced not when they are just text.
    Its nice to see someone who is so passionate about learning languages like japanese which is good to have!
    I just think that there is no need to apologize over it ,we are friends aren't we? you can ramble all you want! i don't mind~
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    I kind of thought i didn't answer your question after i had written the previous message so sorry about that!
    Yeah i did see the link you gave me and i think so too that the kickstarter they made should reach the goal of making the game completely localized and a pc version ported too!
    Same here but i don't actually have an allowance or have ever given money online to buy anything or contributed anything with money online.
    If its 1$ i don't think i will be able to afford it as it costs Rs. 56 in indian currency.
    Well i actually think that the reason for it being so expensive is because they are trying to recruit good translators and editors all around the world to translate it, so in order to search for them they need to have to raise more money to get the people's attention and the translators cooperation to make it a success (it's how bussiness works if you think about it if your trying to officially license a game)
    Nice to know that someone thinks the same way i do about learning japanese (even though i have yet to attain that goal of learning japanese)
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    Thank you! if you have anything to say just visitor message me! i'll gladly reply back.
    By the way you are the first person who i talked to on this forum for so long (like i had a very long conversation with)
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    The ones that i am going through college are these: (JEE Mains exam and advance):
    and the state exam i mentioned earlier.
    (Feel free to read these as its only one page and tell me your opinion)
    You can also tell me yours if you wish to! i am always curious about another country's education system! (hope it didn't make you feel weird about me by giving you these links and asking you stuff like these)
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    If you want you can look through the education system in my state:
    Textbooks or information of the textbook i use:
    CBSE education:
    ICSE education:
    10th grade board exam which is a turning point to get a good seat in college:
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    The thing about the IT was that people are kind of into it or it is popular in india but actually in my state(Karnataka) or the college where i am at has a lot of people who are into medical and there are lots of other college with a lot of people in commerce carrier( a lot for this one). You don't see that many because most people think that IT will provide a lot of good opportunities for jobs(especially in foreign countries). But just to be clear most people have opted commerce where i live.
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    Hmm... i have read your link and looking at it kinda reminds me of the people in rural areas(the poorer areas of india ) the schools are called as government schools or colleges they have the same problems with lack of literacy, financial aiding, same problems with teachers as yours though.i live in the city though so i have not occured these problems. but the main problems is the villages(even poorer areas) those areas are a lot worse is that there are a lot of schools do not provide facilities such as toilets, no desks (you have to sit in the sun), teachers have to teach at the back of the school(those are huts by the way) in the yard or something with the students in the sun, there is also child labour if the parents don't have money for schools they are kind of forced to send them in the fields to work(some of them even have dreams to go to school ,being with friends, being free to learn what they like out of the confinements of their parents so they kinda think of us city dwellers or people who go to school as lucky).
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    I kinda feel like you are more lucky than me though because you don't have these kinds of things there.
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    Also forgot to add i chose state course in my school.
    I kinda hate it actually because i actually chose an IIT college right? and people who chose CBSE or ICSE(in their schools) have better ability to write and get better grades(as they would have been thought all the difficulty of education since they were younger) than us who gets only half the ability or gets decent amount of grades are considered as absolute trash compared to them heck if you give those CBSE and ICSE people the course that we are having they would write it without any problems or study not that harder than us.(i am talking about the people in my college here who come from CBSE and ICSE schools and have taken a state course here)
    I kinda blame my parents for not making me go to a CBSE or ICSE school but what can they do when those schools are far away from my house or area and even transport is impossible as they cannot pick up and drop me since they both work. even school buses for those do not come far away just to pick us or drop us.
    (I kinda rambled on here so sorry)
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