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  1. btw i finished the storyline of shadows of mordor and my final score is 8.5

    the combat is fun and there is some really nice moments just wandering around but the story is pretty short and once you start getting to the interesting abilities you suddenly realize you already have all the good ones and there isnt anymore left

    so yea fun game but skill system needs expanding and story could be more fleshed out same with the chars. i also kinda disliked how you pretty much have no ally npcs except for a few extremely rare missions where they play almost no part other than to talk

    still thats about all the bad i can think of and the rest is all good so if you are okay with that then its a great game
  2. going to eat with family i think

    and yeah imma gonna play bloodborne till im tired of it then ill give ds2 a shot if only for the dlc and increased online multiplay
  3. I heard they are making Dark Souls II for PS4, if that's true I may get the game eventually. Too many games to play ATM though. Just got Dragon Age CoD: Advanced Warfare, and Pereona Q, also got addicted to Fire Emblem: Awakening again so I will be busy for a while.

    Any plans for Thanksgiving?
  4. they are. like REALLY good. but not for everyone admittedly. a lot of ppl say they are 2 hard but i disagree as once you get proper experience controlling you're char it actually can become too easy...well thats how it was for me at least

    one guy said its not for those who like to feel like a badass but i disagree with that 2 as while it may be somewhat true in the beginning by the end, or by the end of the second playthrough at least , you will really feel like one

    btw i suggest you play demons souls first and then dark souls and if u really like them go ahead and try DS2 but know its not as good despite what some noobs out there say

    btw while i only really play dark souls nowadays b/c its gameplay is slightly improved over its predecessor i think of demons souls as the best in the series b/c it really leaves the biggest impression

    shame its not totally open world like dark souls is tho
  5. No I havent everyone says they are really good though.
  6. ever played dark souls on ps3? or demons souls?
  7. Saw that Shadow of Mordor will be $25 on Black Friday so I might get it then. Haven't decided yet though. Gonna see what else is on sale first.
  8. thats a good idea i think ill try that 2
  9. My PS+ is about to expire. Gonna wait for the online Black Friday sales and see if I can get a year Plus membership for cheap.
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