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    Manga Identification Help

    Hello all,

    I am looking for a specific manga that I saw a while ago and cannot relocate.
    This manga had elements of horror, gore, nudity.

    Synopsis is the following.
    People living in a city, very scifi. There are large giant biomachines made out of body parts of giant people, such as vehicles.
    The people in the city are very simple, this is due to the fact that later in the story you discover that they are controlled by brains via wifi signal.

    In the end of the story there is a girl in the city who discovers a baby, which is something that the city denies and tries to kill. You soon learn that the world went through an apocalypse and that the minature people were an experiment to keep the human race going. Then entire time they little people have been killing the full sized people and making machines out of them. They discovered these people encapsulated in pods underground.

    Full sized people start to wake up and full on Gulliver's travel ensues. Seires ends when a group of naked full sized people shut off the power to the brains controlling the small people.

    There was lots of gore and nudity and it reminded me of MPD psycho a lot. Would like to find it again since the Sci Fi elemets were pretty amazing.

    Thank you for help and reading.

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    Re: Manga Identification Help

    Wow I was going to say that sounded a lot like Blame! but that doesn't have the big people... Gantz is also similar and has naked people... Do you know how old it is?

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