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    Question Help: Mangakatana's security integrity alert on (aging) tablet (alternatives for Mangakatana)

    I mainly do my manga reading on my (aging) tablet and for the past couple years or so I've been using site called Mangakatana as my primary manga reading site.
    I used to use Mangadex for quite long time, but couple years ago Mangadex was destroyed by hackers and the site was abolished, so I moved on to Mangakatana.

    For the past few days now I've been getting this security integrity error when accessing Mangakatana with my tablet. I can bypass that error and access the site, but the loading times are extremely long and manga images fail to load.
    While on the other hand I get no such errors with my PC nor with my phone, so the problem might be with my tablet.

    So I was wondering has anyone else been having similar problems with Mangakatana recently on any devices?

    As I said it could be that the problem lies with my tablet and I could try to make a clean sweep by resetting my tablet to factory state. But its such a annoying process and I would lose everything I have on my tablet, so I wanted to ask here first before I attempted that.

    I adored Mangadex, because they didn't use any Ads at all. But since the hackers took it down couple years ago I had to seek refuge elsewhere, and I found it in Mangakatana. And now this happens.
    Due to my aging tablet, most of the manga sites are inaccessible to me because of their Ads (old tablets cannot handle modern Ads well, because they overload the device).
    So I do listen to recommendations for alternative manga sites similar to Mangakatana, meaning those that have big variety of manga available and are not riddled with Ads.

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    Re: Help: Mangakatana's security integrity alert on (aging) tablet (alternatives for Mangakatana)

    never used Mangakatana so can't help you there
    i personally use Hitomi though i usually download the stuff on there instead of reading it on my browser

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