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    Re: Do you purchase your manga?

    Been switching to legit ways eventually, some works are not listed on sites but those can be asked at the least.
    I still find it quite hard to proxy deal, through Japanese sites. My English has been getting okay, but trading is just over the top sometimes,
    when they try to hook you up for something that you didn't subscribe to begin with... Semi-poor soon again, I hope to snipe Event year book, this time rofl.
    Internet has been pretty good, but also somewhat damaging to Japan. I'll try to not hurt them more than I have done.

    Quited using local manga/sci-fi shop since they over price regular costs over 4e a piece, they ship tled works from Usa, their dollar price should be the price medium for us too, apparently not.
    We get charged more, why? I don't know. So bad business decision's ruin manga, when they should always be at same price here; as our currency is worth more (in number not in as value). /s
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    Re: Do you purchase your manga?

    I have never purchased manga. If I know I can get something free, I'll will get it for free. Call me stingy, but for me, every penny counts.

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