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    異世界料理道 第01-22巻 [Isekai Ryouridou (Novel) vol 01-22]

    Isekai Ryouridou (Novel)(異世界料理道)


    File Size: 61-212mb
    Type/ Language: Original novel/JAPANESE

    Associated Names:
    Cooking in Another World (Novel)
    Cooking With Wild Game (Novel)
    Different World Cuisine (Novel)
    Hidangan di Dunia Lain (Novel)
    Готовка в другом мире (Novel)

    Seventeen year old Tsurumi Asuta worked as an apprentice chef in his father's restaurant, until he jumped into a sea of flame in order to save his father's precious kitchen knife (a santoku knife which he compared to his father's soul). When he came to, he found himself in the middle of an odd jungle, was attacked by a strange boar-like beast, and, to make matters worse, he fell into a hunter's trap. Fortunately, the hunter herself, Ai Fa of the people of Morihen, saved him and took him in. Realizing that he seems to be in another world, he decides to try to repay Ai Fa's kindness the only way he knows: cooking. However, there are some serious obstacles: not only is the technology several centuries behind what Asuta is familiar with, the people eat purely to live without regard to flavour. Unable to let this remain as is, Asuta began a culinary revolution, so that he could let the people here feel the joy of eating! An appetizing light novel about food in another world makes its debut!

    All novel volumes without watermarks

    Link Here:

      Spoiler: Preview/Pages 

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