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    ShintoMania for my pleasure

    Hello folks!

    No topics of how to introduce myself so I'll say I'm french, 30 fapping years lol, Im on all kind of stuff like games, internet, movies, series ...etc .

    Here the list of genre I love :

    S/M (oooh I want to whip your face with my dick so much baby; why, you want to test the elasticity of my cheek? hahaha)
    Incest (mother/sister in law and aunt/cousin complex)
    Anal (the backdoor is always free when u cant the front)
    Futanari (girl/woman with dick)
    Femdom (abv. female dominance)
    Chikan (public molestation)
    Harem (dream of all men ^^)
    Oppai Oppai Oppai (big boobs but not like Lolo Ferrari cus it's not boobs anymore
    Megane (girl with glasses, hehe can you see honey how Im happy; ofc not my glasses is full of your spem lol! Yeah u got the idea haha)
    Demon (like succubus)
    Shibari (art of Bondage)
    Shimapan (striped panties specially with schoolgirl or/+ loli)
    Lolicon (pure/innocent)
    Trap (boys with feminine characteristics and living like a female, usually the next step after Futanari)
    Tsundere (who loves well, chastises well ^^)
    Vanilla (normal stuff like romance who end well, tss only in movies or manga/anime/game in our case)
    Yuri (all boys want his girl to be bi just to ask for a trio ^^, maybe a little too sexist).

    I would verify each links of thread I read and post constructive comment to help AS forum to be better, so I'm asking modo if I can have the grade of checker or whatever u call it + the ability to delete links if there are dead. Instead if u dont thrust me, I would just put it in my comment the state of the links.

    I want to share my passion and helping so dont hesitate to ask me something, maybe i got the solution.

    So I'll stop now cus I'm not writing a biography .

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    Re: ShintoMania for my pleasure

    Welcome to AS shintomania~

    Hmm list of stuff x3 Well... i suppose its normal enough... around here anyway xD

    Drop by the spams :3 Check out the mafia game... if theyre accepting more player and youre interested... hmm i wonder... xD Well theres also the rpg drawing contest as well :3
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    Re: ShintoMania for my pleasure

    Welcome in the ASF-team, Shintomania!

    Have just lot fun with your beloved stuff/section (and with us too) here, and feel you easy good about the time here, too.


    - I'm since some years a Shintoism, and this stuff haven't somehow no relation to the religion.
    - How I see, you've your taste about teenager stuff listed.
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    Re: ShintoMania for my pleasure

    Shintomania! Welocme to the ASF Have fun here, see ya

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