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    Ninje reveal himself

    Well then Hello there,
    Did my account 'cause i begun to feel bad about just visiting the site withoutsaying anything, even if being a ninja is quite like me.

    I don't really know if people are active here beside request and upload but i can hardly be part of the community for the very simple reason of the whiteness of this site is too damn bright.

    Still nice to meet people who will welcome me, if you have some questions i can perhaps answer.

    Gotta go see if one of the new game have a request, if no i will then do my forst request /ô/

    (btw, did i miss something or when you link DLsite's link it doesn't properly ? °° )
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    Re: Ninje reveal himself

    Hi and welcome to our little and nice place called ASF, Samishii00!

    Have a lot fun with the stuff of here, and enjoy your free time also withus, okay^_^?

    Quote Originally Posted by Samishii00 View Post
    (btw, did i miss something or when you link DLsite's link it doesn't properly ? °° )
    Eeee... This should you rather at the uploaders here ask about...xD
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