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    I have registered some short while ago, guys! I'm new to the forum!

    I am so grateful for the creators of this forum to keep it active! My name is Vonnikk, call me Ace! If anyone wants to talk with me, just telling that I have a Discord profile and the user is Solar Radiance #6497!

    I am 17 years old and I am a very interesting person, I am crazy intelligent and I have the abillity to show out a loooooot of stuff you don't know and I am able to show you a world of things where fantasy is not a fantasy anymore. I can give you everything to do and even health tips, and I'M NOT CRAZY! My FAV habits are listening to music and eat food! I am a big fan of sushi and anime, and I am able to make you chill in your saddest/baddest moments! I AM a open book and a EXCITING guide.

    I have a interest in watching movies and animes that shows a bit of a Sci-Fi/spiritual story (or with stories that attracts me and gets my mood involving adventures) and one of the animes that excited me is Kill La Kill. It is not msoundtracks yet because it should also get Seasons to make me convinced of the show. The role of the Life Fibers plays very good in the story of the anime and it is very interesting. I don't mind watching Ecchi anime if they have a interesting story. I'm not a fan of animes with Ecchi genres unless I like it/find it funny, because I hate seeing naked people illegaly, OR suddenly exposed for example, unless it involves short Ecchi in the story. Some of the Anime genres I HATE is Hentai because the animes made for it have such a exhagerated story and it involves character sex and it is boring and it does not turn on.. Talk about Hentai with me, don't do it, you are putting yourself in risk. My favorite animes are Date A Live, Devilman Lady, Freezing, Fairy Tail, Pretty Cure, Accel World, Kakegurui (MY TOP FAV), High School DxD and Queen's Blade! I am big familiar with soundtracks, and I have the best soundtrack options; from even music to cinematic-type music.

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