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    Post Hello, my grand introduction. (✿)

    Hello everyone, I am Oo Suguri.

    I am actually a relatively old member in the Anime-Sharing community.

    I have deep interest in anime in general, like everyone here does. I have started to like manga very recently due to my luck and their appeal, I came across some cute colored manga like (Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?)

    I mainly watch anime and play anime games on a regular basis. I am a cute type of an image collector because of my exceedingly excessive experience in collecting anime pictures while trying to masterfully improve my own taste and enrich my cuteness knowledge at the same time.

    I am not fond of seeing girls with large chests. I predominantly disdain indecent and sexual-oriented anime stuff, although it is seldom for me to hand-pick one, rejected ones are not cute or good-looking enough. If a remarkable picture does not satisfy me, I will consider improving it to make me feasible to accept it later on.

    I have good English writing skills as a start but there are rooms for improvement. I like to write anime summaries for anime episodes to gradually become a good writer. I absolutely loathe English swear words and never use one in all circumstances, it is a great way to become smarter in the long run.

    I have limited Japanese skills but frequently use favorite words like [すごい!], [可愛い!] (whisper to myself) when I see something very adorable or amusing. I think I will learn Japanese for real, so I plan to develop a personal dictionary program to help me learn Japanese because I am a C++ programmer.

    I always set very high expectations and when I have reached a new height, I celebrate myself. Sometimes I review myself completely to look at cute past achievements I have accomplished to realize my value better. I use Git to keep track of my writings and my improvements.

    I have a habit to read various news which stimulates my brain to make me more intelligent. However, visiting the same website frequently for too many times can diminish reading benefits, so I have blocked some websites when they got too addictive to read.

    I succeed in making anime vastly improve the quality of my life. It makes me feel like I am in the world of heaven, with all high-quality anime things surrounding me everyday. Because my hard-earned effort makes me deserve it, I am also living a blue-ribbon life in order to respect Japan and anime in return.

    "High-quality" is very subjective, so the person with the most experience is treated with the most respect. I am a capable learner and I am expanding my full potential every day, so I will be able to make my ambitious goals come true.

    My favorite characters: Asahi Kuga, Patchouli Knowledge, Kotori Kanbe, Sakura Tamaki, Kamuri Sengoku, Ai Hinatsuru, Sakuya Fujimiya...

    That is all. I hope that everyone here welcomes me once again. I love anime from the bottom of my heart. (❤)
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