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    Hello, and I have a question

    So basically I just made an account because I saw this thread

    and I was never able to find the actual game anywhere either, but I was able to take the translation patch for the game, look at the HTML code in the patch, and use that to basically reconstruct the game.

    It's probably not as good as the real thing, but it's functional.

    I'm not familiar with the rules here, so I just wanted to ask if it'd be fine for me to bump that thread with a download link to my reconstruction of the game.

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    Re: Hello, and I have a question

    Umm... maybe bump it once

    Pretty sure you can bump it again when someone posts after you

    If you go here these are the rules

    I don't know I'm still new here

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    Re: Hello, and I have a question

    Hi and welcome to our little and nice place called ASF, Unojack!

    Have a lot fun with the stuff of here, and enjoy your free time also with us, okay^_^?

    Edit: In next time you should rather such threads here (in Tech Support and Talk) make, okay^_^?

    Edit2: * nanashi1 has again a task found for you, @KingArturia;...xD
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