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    Good to be back! Love this place!! Thanks to All esp Admins!!

    Otaku Ei here. It's been a while since I last used this forum, a bit surprised I still remem my id and pw LOL,
    so glad to see it still alive, I mean, after seeing a bunch of stream sites went down then Nya as well, really really glad. (nya is up again, I know) Reason why I got back here is because Steins Gate 0 is the Hype of everything right now (right??),
    and I feel stupid/ pathetic/ hopeless/ ashamed/ ret**ded/ dead for not trying the VN yet,
    there I was trying to find the original S;G but had absolutely no luck since it is way too old, then remem about girlcelly,
    and its advertisements whenever they offer VN (lol), so I found this place and found S;G too. Hence, "I am really glad".

    I've been learning Japanese for 10 years now, my country originality is Taiwan but been away for well more than 10 years now, here in the US, where I learned all my Japanese, well more than English, funny and ironically. Japan culture especially Anime, Figure (later on), VN (later on), and Japanese language itself (osakaben, keigo, tokyo dialect, grammar, etc) are what fascinate me the most, I cannot go on without thinking about my surroundings in Japanese at least once a day so far, hearing Japanese or thinking in Japanese calms me down when I am stressed and makes things funner when I am bored even when I am alone. I am glad to be back here again, and I am sure there are many many more Otaku (anime otaku, anisong otaku, figure otaku, manga otaku, etc), Hikki, and just ppl with deep passion for Japanese culture here. I look forward to have fun in this forum.

    Like title suggests, I'd really like to say Thanks, to the admins who have managed this website well for, I guess, maybe 10+ years? I know it has got to be a long time, sorry if off by a mile. Thanks again, nice to meet you all Otaku here. This is Ei, signing off (not literally)! p.s. Steins Gate 0 is perfect, I am rewatching S;G as S;G0 was ending then I heard all the things about "Try VN or read Manga!" although to be honest I like it with BOTH color AND moving, so to be honest Anime works best for me, VN would be right after, I've played through the entire MajiKoi and MajiKoi S, so VN is def a go for me. Hit me up if anyone wants to chat about learning Japanese, I am learning more too myself.

    - side question
    how do I get in touch with one of the admins? I have some questions. thanks.

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    Re: Good to be back! Love this place!! Thanks to All esp Admins!!

    Hi, welcome to ASF, or should I say, welcome back.

    To contact one of the admins you can either directly message them, go to Direct Staff Contact Forum, or go to our IRC channel (, depending on your reason

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