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Thread: A Stroy Of Christmas, by Leggy!

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    A Stroy Of Christmas, by Leggy!

    I know technically, this might go in Writings, but I mean it as a Christmas gift to the forum, so I'm putting it here in General Discussion!

    Several years ago I wrote this little Christmas story. I just recently rediscovered it in my Documents, and so I'm sharing it with you all. May you have a fun and happy Christmas everybody!

    The Pink Snowflake

    It was just another Christmas for Ed. Not bad, not good, it was just another day. Ed lived alone. He had no family, having lost everyone he loved, to time, distance, and fate. Ed wasn't depressed, he was used to being alone, after all these years. He worked and played, and was generally content. But being alone was no fun.

    Ed's house was clean and tidy, but there was no sign of Christmas in it's four walls. No tree, no tinsel, no lights. It would have taken time to set up, and time to take down. With no one to see it, no one to enjoy it with, there was no point. Oh well.

    A couple of days before Christmas, Ed went to a friend's, to visit. He liked visiting his friend. He could enjoy a cup of coffee and a game of cards. His friend's children were well behaved, but children will be children. Laughing, playing, they loved being loud, as children do. And as any parent will admit, "Settle down," just doesn't work with happy children.

    But Ed didn't mind at all. If he wanted quiet, he could have stayed at home. In fact, he enjoyed the sounds of life, and no one makes those sounds better than children.

    So, Ed was drinking his coffee, and playing cards, and generally having a good time. Suddenly, the four year old came up, put her hands on Ed's lap, and proudly announced, "I have something for you!"

    It was a snowflake, a snowflake made of pink construction paper! It was carefully cut to the exacting standards of a four year old. And she was soooo proud! "I made it just for you, Ed! Be sure you put it up for Christmas!"

    He was touched. What a sweet gift, straight from her innocent heart! "Thank you dear! It's lovely! I certainly will." Ed carefully folded the snowflake, and put it in his pocket. When he got home, the snowflake was tossed on his desk.

    The next day, Christmas Eve, found Ed watching TV, doing nothing in particular. His friend had taken the family to the grandparents, to celebrate Christmas, so Ed really had nothing to do, and nowhere to go, except watch TV and meditate. The day felt no different than any other. He started thinking about Christmas Past, and the wonderful Christmases he'd celebrated with family and friends. Christmas long past. Okay, let's admit it, Ed was feeling down.

    His eyes strayed to his desk, and he saw pink. Oh yes, the pink snowflake! Well, Ed had promised to put it up, and a promise to a four year old is a binding contract. Unfolding it carefully, Ed found a nice spot on his wall, and taped it up. Promise kept! And now, back to the TV.

    As Ed sat back, and settled into a movie, his eyes strayed to the snowflake once in a while. It really was a nice snowflake! And so sweet! The snowflake was a gift of the heart, and he was glad to have it up! But something bothered him. The snowflake seemed so alone, there on the wall. It needed something. Digging into his closet, Ed found an old box of Christmas decorations. A wreath found it's way around the snowflake. Much better! More Christmassy! But still......A wreath needs streamers. And so, streamers soon stretched across the walls. But now...... Bells on the streamers. Gee, it looked pretty! It was starting to look like Christmas!

    Okay, a Nativity Scene soon replaced the papers on Ed's desk. Much better! Say, there was a plastic Christmas tree in the closet! It only took minutes to set it up in the living room. Now, some ornaments, a bit of tinsel. Oh yes! The lights! Got to have the lights! Beautiful! Finally, the TV show was replaced by old Christmas records.

    Ed spent the evening in total amazement! To think, one little pink snowflake could fill an entire house with Christmas! After all this time! It wasn't just a piece of construction paper, it was a miracle snowflake!

    And Ed had a wonderful Christmas! From then on, every year, Ed put his miracle snowflake on the wall, and filled his house, and his heart, with the spirit of Christmas!
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    Re: A Stroy Of Christmas, by Leggy!

    Well, that's a unique story about Christmas. It can open our mind and hearts about the true meaning of it. The essence itself.
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