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Thread: So what is it about Anime/Manga/Visual Novels that make them so appealing to you?

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    So what is it about Anime/Manga/Visual Novels that make them so appealing to you?

    So what is it about our common love that makes it so appealing to you?

    I don't read manga although I have read some in the past and I don't care for visual novels because I'm not a fan of eroge/hentai, however I watch anime well a lot actually according to my signature

    I used to be a big fan of dramas and sitcoms however a few years back I started to get really really bored with a lot of the shows such as CSI, Cold Case, Numb3rs etc.

    During this time I was in real need of something to watch as I didn't have anything to do at night other than hang around some PC forums online which is boring honestly even though I'm a tech fanatic.

    I soon got back into anime one night as I was watching a station that had been playing Trinity Blood. Soon after they had shows like Blood+, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Inuyasha and i found myself amazed over them.

    I think partly due to my ever growing dislike of the TV shows I was watching that anime offered a nice refreshing change and I welcomed it with open arms. After a while though I started to get tired of anime because the shows didn't last long enough or I would get frustrated over the lack of an ending (Inuyasha at that time). Because of this I ventured online and found a site that literally amazed me as I had no ideal that so many anime shows existed. By doing so I also realized that some shows honestly don't need more than 12-24 episodes to make a complete story and I have since grown to love these short shows, although some of them I would prefer a continuation of.

    During this time I got familiar with subs over dubs and have not gone back to dubs since.

    For myself anime appeals to me on so many different levels which TV/Hollywood has never been able to do. I've never been able to get into a show so deep that I'm beyond anxious to get to the next show. I liken anime to that of a good book. It has all the qualities I look for only done with visuals that are not thought up on my own.

    So what makes these so appealing to you?
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    Re: So what is it about Anime/Manga/Visual Novels that make them so appealing to you?

    -Good story line.
    -Nice voice actor/actress (when I said nice, it's not only mean that they have cute voice, but they put feeling into that characters' voices)
    -Interesting OP/ED and soundtrack (there reason why I have Modern Warfare 2 soundtrack in my playlist - non-related to anime, thou.)
    -Good drawing/graphic/animation

    -Good story line.
    -Nice drawing
    -Interesting characters

    Visual Novel:
    -Good sex scene
    -Good story line
    -Nice drawing/graphic/animation
    -Interesting characters
    -Friendly interface
    -Interesting OP/ED and soundtrack - the reason why I like Kana ~Imouto~ song, Shiroi Kisetsu by Yajima Sara
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    Re: So what is it about Anime/Manga/Visual Novels that make them so appealing to you?

    - Good Art
    - Romantic Plot
    - Good voice actor/actress
    - Good OP/ED/Insert Songs/OST (I'm no longer listen to western music except some game/movie OST, they were like crap after 2005 and I deleted everything in 2007)
    - Has no more than 28 episodes per season. Has no more than 3 seasons or a total of 72 episodes per series.
    - Proper ending

    - Good story line.
    - Nice drawing
    - Interesting characters
    - Not not drag over 5 years

    - MUST HAVE JUICE (NoJuiceNoDeal™ rules applied)
    - Good Art, and not containing too many bugs or choices that break the experience (ah yeah, Key stuff have a lot of bloat choices)
    - Must be fun, no excessive drama.
    - Must not have rape, NTR, guro
    - Interesting characters, unique personality, cute, but not annoying.
    - Friendly interface
    - Good OP/ED/Insert Songs/OST
    - Must not be longer than 50 hours, preferably, 30 hours and shorter.
    - Proper ending

    It is worth to note that before, I thought that anime was for kids (Naruto, One Piece, Bleach) and hentai game is for perverts.

    Not until 2007, I was boring to death, my friend left me a few H-OVA, the general crap (like BibleBlack), while I go through the file list, I notice that he left something very unusual: Mizuiro. I got hooked so badly, and dig in harder to find out more light-theme H-OVA (such as Canvas at that time). Eventually, it all leads to one clue: The Eroge counterpart, and start playing some translated one.

    It didn't take too long until some nice OP of Nursery Rhyme OP and Colorful Aquarium delivered the final blows: I deleted everything - every single music that collected (all western, though) and opened a new folder - Exclusively Japan - Eroge/Anime/H-OVA Music

    Oh well, I have only 2TB back at that time (in 2007), I've never known that I'd ever need more than 4TB, but I was wrong: 2TB -> 4TB (in early 2008), then 4TB -> 8TB (early 2009), then 8TB -> 16TB (in late 2009), 16TB -> 32TB (in mid 2010), and ... ah well, XXXTB in 2011 (unlimited expansion, using ZFS)

    Project AS was planned in 2009 and went official in late 2010.

    I also acquired tons of official goods, including but not limited to artbook, dakimakura, tapestry (wants this ♥ ♥ ♥) etc....

    Ah well, my life gets from boring to exciting ever since as well, hence... let's just say that it gives me hopes, power, and important knowledge so I can become who I am now. This is my pride that I show to everyone (nah, I'm not hiding anything, not even from my female friends or family lololol, though to my surprise, there wasn't any special reaction from them >.< argh...)

    I only post what I bought. My uploads are for those who share the same taste but could not easily import them. If you can buy the game, please do it to support the company.
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    Re: So what is it about Anime/Manga/Visual Novels that make them so appealing to you?

    For me its really simple, they look good , fits my " fantasy " and do not have those horrible " attitude " which you see in real life , well for the animes i watch >.< but mostly because the art is stunning.
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