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    Think about Games Official Translations

    When mobile games become more popular, games providing official translations is also turning common nowadays.
    Usually for those games with long story-line, great story plots.

    But you know, those games often cover a lot of mythical and legends of different countries.
    It actually costs a deep understanding to different history, cultures and so.
    Not to mention those jokes which only work in Japanese, but not in other languages.

    With more and more of these games, I understand the workload is also increasing for the translation companies.
    But there are also concerns that can hardly be omitted. Like,
    1) names translated differently in previous and latter chapters,
    2) some missing important word, typo or misread (e.g. "I will not forget you" becomes "I will forget you")
    3) Adding of wrong subject person which change the meaning again. (Subject can often be omitted in Japanese, relying the listener to guess)

    On the other hand, in some forum, we can find amateur translations which are doing deeper inspection, instead, even explaining the hidden messages behind the plots.

    With official translations, it does help making the game itself more popular, gaining more users.
    But personally, I like those amateur ones more, feeling they are more "with heart" in the translations.

    So, just trying to bring out the issue for discussion and opinions~

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