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    Continue the story...[Probably fun? o_O]

    Hello, everyone.

    Okay, I'm going to first state the rules to follow on this thread.


    - You are allowed to use mild language and mild sexual reference but not too much, okay? xD

    For example, this is prohibited "F%$£~#+ C0@K A$$ N!44A..." Haha, but without the symbols. <.< Also, the sentence should not have too much suggestive or inappropriate content. I guess a sex joke or cursing is fine as long as you don't cross the line.

    Here's another example:

    Frustrated, Shaun kept on grumbling to himself loudly while pacing back and forth in the room with an obvious look of worry and anxiety written all over his face "WOAH-ho-ho-ho...! When I see Alfie that bastard, he's going to get it in a way that he will regret ever bringing up that matter. Just who does he think he is?!

    Fredrick replied to him in a rather nonchalant way "he's been quite the ass-hole, hasn't he?" There really was no difference in the way he responded in this situation and how he usually does because his expression is almost always vague.

    (This sort of cursing is allowed.)

    Example for mild-sexual reference:

    The moment I started moving away from him slowly while sitting on the kitchen floor, my back hit something hard and wooden. I was on the ground leaning against the cupboard door. I wanted to crawl into a hole and vanish or something, but why imagine the impossible? Kael was getting closer to me as he walked on towards my direction. He descended on to my level and the distance between us was closing. My heart was beating faster and faster as he crawled and crept up to me without hurrying. Time was moving at it's own pace in those very few seconds. Cold sweat began to race down from my hair onto my neck until it reached underneath my clothes drenching my breasts. Why was I feeling so hot? Did I have a fever or was it apprehension? I wasn't sure, but when he reached me, I thought that he was going to harm me, but instead I felt something soft and warm touch my lips. I thought a human-sized teddy that was burning like a radiator was holding me in a bear-lock but, no, it wasn't. It was...Kael. The moment of realization made my face heat up worse than a fiery, bear-lock holding, human-sized teddy.

    (These sort of suggestive themes are allowed. As long as it's not too detailed. We're not writing a porno or an erotic novel here. This is merely for fun. XD The story could be about anything at all or be completely random and nonsensical.)

    - The second rule is no spamming and respect each and every person's idea and opinions on this thread.

    - The third rule is don't write a post on this thread unless you are continuing the story on.

    Also, last but not least, enjoy! This was created to get people's mind thinking in creative and free writing. It's all about improvisation, uniqueness and originality! :p


    Hi. My name is Clara Adams. I'm a 22-year-old working woman with an ordinary life. I live in a small town called Nemiar located on an island in between Africa and South America. You could just say that the island of Mubenjo is right in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. My mother died when I was really young around the age of six and my father lives in an elderly home where I go to visit him once I have my days off. In the future, I plan to save up enough money to afford to go to university and to buy a house so me and dad can live together again just like we use to when I was a kid but only mum wouldn't be there though. I miss her. My job is to help out at a local animal shelter where there are unfortunately, thirty-six lost and stray animals that have been found lurking the town of Nemiar. I love animals, so, hopefully, on God's will, there won't be an increase in number of owners losing their pets so easily. That way, more animals won't have to be locked away in cages at this shelter and eat food that they may or may not enjoy. These poor beautiful creatures won't even get time to play or have their freedom for a very long time until we find them a new owner. Sometimes, if we find there are injured or hurt animals, we keep them longer until they have recovered and look healthy. I just wish so it does not happen anymore...


    Clara Adams

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