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    Aura Kingdom Open Beta - Hope it's getting harder....

    (Sorry if someone already make thread for this topic. I just want to discuss it)

    Aura Kingdom - Open Beta Announcement/Information

    We'll be opening with two servers...Hydra and Siren (per your voting!). Founders will have their character names saved on both servers. You will only be able to claim your redistributed Founder's Pack on one of the servers however. More details to come!

    We'll also have a level cap increase to level 75, new zones and dungeons, new content and mechanics, new items in the loyalty shop (and exclusive items only available for 1 week, i.e. Eidolon broken keys so you can get a head start at unlocking them), extra dance moves (o.O?), and more!

    **Please note: if you are a Founder and have not created your characters yet please do so before we go down on Saturday 1/4 at 4pm. If you are not a Founder yet but want to keep your character names then make sure to Buy A Founder Pack before 4pm on 1/4!

    We're excited to be announcing this and for you to begin your journey with us in Aura Kingdom!
    Well, as you can see the link above, it's the Open Beta Announcement of Aura Kingdom. With some increase of the game of course.
    But... I think there's something is off. Ah! That's right! The Eidolons. They're too powerful.

    Well, I know it's kinda late to talk about it, but to be honest, I felt a little disappoint about the eidolons. They're damage are too great for an assistant in battle. Normally, people still seeing them as pet isn't. And to become pet that already strong, don't you feel it's a little bit lame? For a game that really waited at late 2013, the system underestimating the player's ability by increasing the eidolon's damage.

    When I play it, all I have to do is "Click & Go". When I got little bored, I'll sit my avatar and let my eidolon attack my target. Less than 20 seconds, the target already gone. Seriously? No harm to me even the slightest? If that so, I can only rely on the dungeons then for a challenge. I know, this game actually have an awesome concept and no need talking about the graphical, they already use their best for it. But, the system fail its because the eidolon's damage.

    *sigh* ....
    I just hope that the decrease the eidolons' damage or make the little monsters a bit stronger.
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