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    X-rays, womb penetartion, impregantion simualtion?

    As in title, are you guys (an girls maybe too :) ) familiar with any paticular h-games (preferably simulations or at least choose position and control movements, speed, when you cum and where, etc) that have good xray view mode (if 2D then actually on girls belly, if 3D can be like in Rinkan in separate window) that also have womb penetration, belly bulging, filling with cum to the moment her belly expands, possibly also a pregnancy system with statistics, some kind of mood/love/hate system. Basically an ideal simulation (for me at least).

    The impregnation or belly bulging isn't necessary but it should have x-ray/cross section view and womb penetation (if possible with option for her belly to expand).

    Interactive animations are also welcomed but I'm mostly looking for actual exe or flash based games, it would be good if it had some kind of physics system for penetration and cum like in some games (for example non japanese sex sim xstoryplayer has both cum and dick/pussy physics, also waifu sex sim has cum physics) but those are unnecessary as long as game is interactive and overall good in itself.

    I recently played a few of those including Rinkan, many flash based ones (mostly japanese too) and now I basically can't fap to anything else, please help :D

    Also few other titles I played recently include Me and Big Sister's Summer Vacation (from bousoft, if anyone can explaing how to use cheat eninge to bloat her belly I would be thankfull), Rinkan, some flash based one like Pew Pew Friends and Mayuri-sama no Jintai Jikkenshitsu, and few animated ones (intractive, choose scene style like in Hard Love Life and others like it), Life With A Slave -Teaching Feeling-, MILF Next Door - Saeko & The Room and others from nii crii.

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    Re: X-rays, womb penetartion, impregantion simualtion?

    Anyone anything? Don't tell me that those are all that exist?

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    Re: X-rays, womb penetartion, impregantion simualtion?

    Quite an old thread, but might as well help you anyway. I found a game called "Marionette of dazzle with Iris". It can be played online at '', although you can also download it to play it offline. Downloading it will also (almost) completely remove the waiting time between animations.
    Hope it helps

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