I don't really know what about heroine (ultraheroine, sentai, etc.) doesn't really get as much exposure to the international people. It's always a pain to look for those stuff, that also if there's someone who uploaded it. Doujins and H-Manga doesn't usually have this problem, since a certain site keep all kind of fetish in check, but regarding videos and games, that's when thing got a lot harder. One time i compared a heroine-themed jav on sukebei (R.I.P.), and heroine-themed jav that was released within one month got significantly lower S/L ratio than normal themed jav aged almost 1 year. Similar thing regarding the game, just from the same producer/brand/circle @OZ, the one with Misaka Mikoto still got several torrent and reupload, while the Ultraheroine Alice stuff was just gone, either broken link, or no trace of link at all.

I don't know, was this something along the line of 'not wanting their childhood ruined' or genuine disinterest in the general subject, but it's quite hard to actually get those materials.

What do you guys think?