Sup everyone,

My favorite Eroge VN are usually about hypnosis. So I'm wondering what your guys favorite hypnosis game is and why. So I can play more hypnosis games.

My top three are:

Saimin Jutsu 3 - My favorite game in the Saimin Jutsu series. All the characters looks amazing and I like the idea that each character gets a sort of “good” or “Evil” route. Wished there was a harem ending.

Gakuen Saimin Reido - Okay okay hear me out. I thought it was pretty hot when the MC used hypnosis to turn the guy into girl.

Kyonyuu Princess Saimin - The two sisters were best looking characters out of all of lune hypnosis games and they had the best h-scenes. The hentai is pretty good too.

Also, what don’t you like in a hypnosis game???
I’m not a big fan of when hypnosis is only used to control their bodies and not their mind for the whole game. Like why?