From time to time i find myself desiring something different from vanilla.

At the moment i'm poked by incest.
Crusoe had it easier
Urban xLife (ignore the art)
and Incest Story/ Milf's control are what triggered the current interest and i would like to have more options to choose from in one place. I don't know where to find such a place, hence this post.

I enjoyed Crusoe because it was an out of the ordinary situation and offered several ways of dealing with things.
In one playthrough I rooted for the characters simply because even after what happened they would have been separated in the real world to avoid being stigmatized.
In another i had the boy be a complete asswipe and got him to a well deserved bad ending.

I liked Urban xLife because the seemingly innocent young boy has so many indecent encounters and in a way actually works hard to reach his goals. He has no money and has to buy and then build things to enjoy some benefits. Few encounters are given for free and i'm expecting a lot more from the completed game, should it succeed.
The art is hand drawn though and the creator has... unique tastes. (deformed bums and tits)

Incest Story and Milf's control both have little assholes as main characters and you run around a lot, but you can see that the developer puts in some work to try and make them seamless.
In Incest Story you gain a lot through blackmail, but although the kid is blunt, it feels like he belongs in that world just fine.

Milf's Control is a bit limited, but i like the mind control idea because it feels like a fantasy that can only work as a fantasy, Frankly i like mind control games that simply gives control, but doesn't force the player towards extreme situations without any choice in the matter. I don't like humiliation, mind break, orgies, gang bangs and other worse stuff. It would be something in the veins of 'If you take someone by force, you take them for good and treat them right.' or something like that...

Time stop games are simply a guilty pleasure of mine. Whether it is for harmless pranks, life or death situations or simply gaining various benefits, the whole idea of being able to stop time as you wish is something i can't deny myself.
If you know of such games, please do share, erotic or not. It is a fantasy i wish to indulge freely and properly.

So yeah, this post is pretty much an attempt at gathering a list of games with any of the options presented here, to have for the immediate or distant future.
So please, whatever you know, share with me and others, to have and enjoy. Thank you.