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    Lightbulb When will there be a new crossdressing game from Ensemble ?

    The last game from Ensemble with a crossdressing protag is Omoi wo Sasageru Koi no Melody. The FD will be coming soon, and technically that is not their new trap game with a new protagonist and new characters/story, so when do you guys think there will there be a new trap game from them ? Spring 2018 ?

    Do you think that their next trap game should feature more drama and more serious challenges to the protag and heroine in the individual heroine routes, like their past hit game Otome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas ? That was their best trap game and so far none of their other trap games have surpassed that classic, unfortunately.

    I think their next trap game should have main themes of serious challenges to the final success of the protag-heroine relationship and also feature another main theme where all the heroines have a serious aversion or challenge towards starting a romantic relationship towards anyone ( for example, one heroine already has an arranged marriage where she has no choice to accept even if she doesn't agree, one heroine is scared of boys, one heroine hates boys due to a past trauma, one heroine doesn't approve of romantic relationships before graduating ( but eventually falls for the protag in her individual route ) and another heroine is a bookworm loner that is shy and afraid of having a close relationship with anyone whether girl or boy except for her childhood friend. )

    So their next trap game full of drama will make it more interesting and even more rewarding to read once the heroine falls in love with the Protag after all the drama. For example, this next game should be called Otome ga Tsuranuku Koi no Ketsui 乙女が貫く恋の決意. The main theme is the heroine falls in love with protag after all the drama and made that decision under strong determination and consideration.

    The setting at the all girls school should be one where there is a strong Yuri influence and a place where all parents who doesn't want their daughters to interact with those of the opposite gender send to.

    The story's gimmick should be one where the protag is asked by his twin sister who is student council president there to crossdress as her to play her role there for 3 months as she needs to go overseas for a surgery or some other serious reason.

    His twin sister has already told the vice-pres of this plan, so when the protag transfers there, the VP will already know the real identity of the protag and will help him with continuing his sister's Student Council President duties. The VP will be one of the heroines in the game, and the only one that knows of the protag's identity, and will feature as the main comedy in this game when she will always tease the protag of his crossdressing and his interactions with others who don't know his real identity et cetera, lol.

    The VP is also one of the heroines with the arranged marriage and already has a fiance whom she doesn't quite like as her fiance is from a rich family too and intelligent as her but is an arrogant boy with a bad attitude that treats others like trash, which is opposite than the VP which has a nice personality and is always considerate of others.

    The VP hates her fiance but has to bear with it because her parents told her that the marriage is important as it is one of the condition that the other family will agree to the merger of their bigger company with the VP's parent's company, and her parents need the merge more than the other side due to a need to expand via the merger to break through the current slump in sales.

    So her indivual route will focus on how she will come to like the protag and in the end muster the courage to confess and then fight her parents and fiance to be with the protagonist in the end. This is all just an example that I wrote, based on what I hope their next game should be.

    This should be a good Ensemble trap game, and could be their longest and biggest-sized game ( 2 DVD-ROMs up to 7-8 GBs ) and best selling trap game ever in their lineup if they follow this interesting theme.

    Their past trap games are quite bland and can't match their past hit, Otome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas, and I think they need this new theme to get their series back on track. What do you guys think ?

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    Re: When will there be a new crossdressing game from Ensemble ?

    Writing an answer to this topic after two years is very strange.

    This is very cool - he gives ideas and gets the plot of a new game for the ensemble, but it's worth it to be a company that has been on the market for 10 years.
    Most likely, this was an exceptional situation regarding the scooter between the company and the game scriptwriter Kazutaka.

    I understand that some players want drama, action, an interesting, touching story, and all that.
    They do not want to take risks, because it has already been many examples.
    That is, a step to the left, a step to the right - you are bankrupt.

    As one friend of mine said about this:
    "You underestimate fears among the most common companies in the industry.
    The number of original concepts (outside of nukige) of the last five years should not be due to the fact that they should come up with no one, but because they themselves have nothing to do with the classical character, which is moving forward with a much larger more likely than if they decide to experiment with the feelings of their readers.
    Because many people work in such conditions when a single failure can almost completely kill the brand "(c)

    What about 7-8GB ... Printing physical copies on an 8GB drive is even more expensive than printing on 4GB drives.
    The situation on the disks is in itself.
    They do not want to switch to Full HD graphics. I am really really sad to look at 1280x720 every time.

    What about their game release policy ...
    Since 2014, the ensemble has consistently released 3 games a year (spring, summer, autumn).
    Sometimes I see that everything is in order and good, as far as I see.
    Here you can see for yourself.

    May 2009 - Hanaoto

    January 2010 - Hanaoto FD

    January 2011 - Damamuko
    August 2011 - Damamuko Reona After

    March 2012 - Otomekoi
    November 2012 - Otomekoi FD

    May 2013 - Ojyonana
    November 2013 - Sakuoto | Ojyonana Nanami After

    March 2014 - Sakuoto Mini FD
    May 2014 - Golden Marriage
    November 2014 - Otokana

    March 2015 - Golden Marriage FD
    June 2015 - Otokana FD
    November 2015 - Koikata

    March 2016 - Otoiro
    June 2016 - Koikata FD
    November 2016 - Otoiro FD

    March 2017 - Otomelo
    June 2017 - Ojonai
    November 2017 - Otomelo FD

    March 2018 - Ojonai FD
    June 2018 - Koihana
    November 2018 - Ototsuki

    March 2019 - Koihana FD
    June 2019 - Ototsuki FD
    December 2019 - Shiny Sisters

    In December 2019, they released the entire otome series in one package for 20,000 yen.

    And also a new game in the otome series, but not the full one that we could all expect, but a crossover Shiny Sisters with all trap protagonists.
    Of course, this is 'all ages', otherwise the company would immediately have sat down on the bottle for BL (and closed).

    What about their future work, I do not know. They run very strange companies to rip off a lot of money, probably, they still are not very good with finances.

    Because selling an A1-poster for each of their games for 5,000 yen (a song goes as a bonus, and you need 115,000 yen to collect all of them) is ... Greedy to the last cent.
    But I can’t blame them, it’s their business, their right to pursue this policy.

    Since they exist for 10 years, it means that they are doing everything right (from their point of view).
    And their every game pays off, no doubt. Otherwise, they would have already closed, mired in debts, like feng.

    P.S. I'm grumbling here, right, but I want to buy this otome set myself ... They (cunning chinchillas) know how to bribe me and with what bonuses... -_-

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