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    Question regarding Venus Blood -Frontier- Routes and Content

    Hi i have a question, i looked about info about the game and from what i've seen it has 2 major routes, one of corruption and one without it.
    Is the none corruption route tamer ?
    From what i understand it can get pretty rapey regardless of routes as after each defeated heroine there's some rapey tentacle action, but does it at least stop there ?
    Can you build your relationship with the heroines on more then "sexual training" ? Or is it all just about "broking them in" ? Basically is this visual novel is still pretty rapey regardless of route choices ?

    In the end what i'm trying to say is that i'm interested in it, and i can stomach some early defeat sexual content if hopefully afterwards depending on the routes choices you can build a more wholesome relationship with the heroines that doesn't just focus on them being sexually submissive to the main character and his army, but there's some actually feelings being mixed it, being able to draw them in to him with more then his "mahood", and yeah gang rapey situations is also something i would very much like to avoid unless the so called heroine/antagonist is a down right female version of hittler and deserves the punishment (thus i can skip through it with no remorse). Basically looking at some of the characters i've always been drawn to this novel but i'm hopping underneath all this war and hatret novel there can also be a bit of wholesomeness not just hardcore content.
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